Emergency services are under pressure in the wake of the rise of Kovid-19

Emergency services are under pressure in the wake of the rise of Kovid-19

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Irish hospitals urge patients to avoid going to the emergency department as much as possible. Services are under pressure as pollution and hospitalization related to Kovid-19 are generally on the rise.

From our correspondent in Dublin, Emelin Wine

When it comes to throat infections, Gavin is surprised: the Irish actually avoid emergencies. ” It’s not busy, I’m not waiting so long to be checked! It went away quickly because I had an infection.

The main problem this winter is to avoid contamination with covid or respiratory viruses. ” Hospitals are trying to protect Kovid-19. This was not the case in previous waves, Explains Dr. Mick Molloy, an emergency physician. However, a very small number of Kovid patients can have consequences in the hospital flow. If they can be treated in one department, that’s right, but if there are more of them, we should put them in other categories that pay for other patients.

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This winter crisis comes on top of a very old crisis in the Irish hospital system. ” We have not had enough beds for decades. The population has increased by one million in 20 years, yet we have fewer beds in 2021 than we had in 2009! , Says Dr. Mick Molloy.

Most hospitals in the country have banned visits since Monday. Nursing staff should be given a third dose this week.

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