Embolo is great, Elvedi is flawless and Rodriguez is inspired

Embolo is great, Elvedi is flawless and Rodriguez is inspired
The first XI to pose before the start of the match.


Rosocrosciatica won 2-0 in Geneva. Here are the notes given by the editorial staff to the men presented by Murat Yakin against Ian Barracklow’s Northern Ireland.

In the eighth minute he saved a very dangerous shot from Washington thrown from a central position in the penalty area. It remains the only shot on goal for the Northern Irish, but if the ball had entered what game would it have been? However, a super-sommer is not required to get three points for one point.

The 26-year-old feels himself on the offensive, with many of his crosses blocked by the Northern Irish. The 73rd is really impressive as he throws the embolo leaving his opponent in position.

A sensational diagonal cut starts at Embabu’s address in the fourth minute, leading Zachariah to 1-0 (later canceled). A few minutes later he puts Connor Washington in a very dangerous place. In the 71st minute, he found the way to the goal by diverting a ball that ended just above the crossbar. On a defensive level, Elvedi makes practically no mistakes.

Akanji provides the only goal of the Northern Ireland game with a very short title. Putting this error aside, he could have suffered a lot of losses, and he played a solid game until he had to leave the 53rd field due to injury.

It has not been long since we saw such an inspired Rodriguez on the wing. In the 79th minute, he put a gold ball on Suber’s leg, but he did not take advantage of the best opportunity. At 85, Faznach needs another great goal opportunity at his feet.

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In the fourth minute he put the ball in the bag thanks to a long-range shot, but VAR intervenes for Mbabu’s offside. Overall it makes a good impression, with pre-injury Zachariah back. Too bad for a yellow card in the final when you allow yourself to provoke opponents.

Frooler rarely gives a show, but if you look closely you can see how many times decisive battles are won and how the dangerous flames of opponents are extinguished. In the absence of Khaka, he takes on more responsibility even during the construction phase.

In the innings of the first half, he threw the ball into the net and ended the counterattack made by Embolo. At 79, the best assistant at the last European Championship could have scored a brace, but he ended up scoring instead of the ball.

It is ubiquitous. He signed two assists for two Red Cross goals. He’s really happy to be back in midfield, catching the ball and flying forward. It misses a few delicious opportunities, but it doesn’t matter. Embolo is a gladiator Irish constant thorn that can only be stopped randomly. The 24-year-old, like everyone else, is committed and plays a crucial role in success.

It makes no difference against Northern Ireland, but more than once it shows the undisputed class. In the first half he carries a beautiful heel pass backwards, just before the end he launches the embolo (without looking) with a brilliant no-look pass. However, Shakiri knows how to play simple and actively participate in the defensive game, it is clear that he plays regularly in Lyon and is physically better.

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Get better as the minutes go by. In general, he was a little inaccurate, even though Zachariah’s goal in the fourth minute was invalidated with a shot back. Even at the age of 55, he finds embolism through an opponent. Stephen triggers the 2-0 action.

Shore enters 53rd place due to Akanji’s injury, and has a quiet evening. In the 70s, he deflected the ball at a height of five meters, but goalkeeper Bailey Peacock-Farrell did not allow himself to be overtaken.

Without vote. He played very little.

Utilize the last minutes to score his fourth goal in a Natty shirt. However, he played very little for an evaluation.

Without vote. He played very little.

Without vote. He played very little.

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