EM 2021 | This is the form of DFB rivals France, Portugal and Hungary

EM 2021 |  This is the form of DFB rivals France, Portugal and Hungary

Unlike Germany, France, Portugal and Hungary have been in Test matches for the past two days. T-Online takes stock and evaluates the shape of DFB competitors.

The German national soccer team defeated Latvia 7-1 on Monday. Scoring victory in the final Test match before the start of the European Championship tomorrow (Italy against Turkey, 9pm. Live Ticker on T-Online) Intoxicated the fans and gave Joaquim Low’s team a good experience before heading to the team residence at Herzogena aura Rock in Franconia.

However, the compulsory victory over Latvia, still 138th in the FIFA world rankings behind Suriname and Tanzania, should not be too high, and the gain of knowledge – and the emergency right back that Joshua Kimmich can give – is equal to zero.

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What about the DFB Group rivals France, Portugal and Hungary? Which defeat did they lose in the last Test match before the tournament? Looked at T-Online games and collected the most important discoveries for you.


World champion and Germany’s first EM opponent against Bulgaria at home in Stade de France on Tuesday. In the end, “L Equip Tricolor” won the undisputed 3-0, however, it was reduced to a moment’s shock.

Delighted against Bulgaria: Antoine Griezmann, Paul Pogba (from left). (Source: Panoramic / Imago Images)

Came in the 37th minute Kareem Benzema was unhappy after a header duel and instead had knee problems. France fear their striker, who has returned to the “Les Blues” group after a six-year absence in preparation for the European Championship. On Wednesday evening, the obvious followed: national coach Didier Deschamps said Benzema had kissed a horse and had to take it easy, and was not in danger during Tuesday’s battle with Germany (live Ticker online from 9pm).

In any case, France does not have to worry too much about its storm center, Olivier Giroud has a very strong replacement for it. The Chelsea professional also proved it against Bulgaria. In the final stage, the 34-year-old walked twice to a five-meter space in the textbook and had to keep his feet clean to complete the goal.

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The most convincing player of the game was the double Giroud Dalla, but also Antoine Griezmann. In the 29th minute FC Barcelona Professional scored 1-0 with a superb overhead kick, putting in a strong performance in addition to his third goal in the third consecutive international. At the start of the tournament, the 30-year-old finds indescribable joy in playing, which made him a player of the tournament at the last European Championships.

Striking: Although set up as a right winger, Griezmann was mainly looking for left-handed crowds, where dribbler artist Kylian Mbabane starred or landed 10th behind the PSG star, becoming the second striker.

The Bar‌a professional should not be interpreted as reluctant to play on the right winger, but this is one of the tactical elements of Deschamps: France overloads the opposing ball-safe players and binds as many defenders as possible. This creates space for eight players like Paul Pogba in the middle of the penalty area with strong headlines for strikers Benzema and Giroud. National coach Joachim Low’s DFB team should not be included.


Captain and superstar Cristiano Ronaldo shot himself 4-0 against Israel. Bad for Eintracht Frankfurt fans: Andre Silva did not make the starting line-up and remained pale despite being a substitute early in the second half.

Bruno Fernandes: For the first time in two years, the Manchester United captain scored a goal for Portugal.  (Source: Imago Images / Global Images)Bruno Fernandes: For the first time in two years, the Manchester United captain scored a goal for Portugal. (Source: Global Images / Imago Images)

The SGE striker was replaced by two other attacking players – once again – who drew attention: former world footballer Ronaldo and Manchester United captain Bruno Fernandes scored twice before the break to make it 2-0. It was Fernandes’ first international goal since November 2019. In the 90th minute, the best creative player scored the last 4-0.

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Ronaldo marked his almost compelling goal (with a lot of help from rival goalkeepers), but the “Selecao” game was suggested by a variety of aggressive drivers: he ran on top of the attack, increased speed, ripped holes, and delivered the storm trio of Bernardo Silva, Ronaldo and Rona. . 1.79 Human mobility can become a problem for the DFB defense, especially if Leon Goretzka’s physical strength and Joshua Kimmich’s calf-biting mentality in sixth place in front of the defense.

An exciting aspect that is especially important in the early stages of the tournament is the lack of training on the part of the Portuguese reserveists. The European champion was able to put the ball in the Israeli box twice in the second half: in terms of football, no more went together. Manchester City’s full back Joao Cancello fell 3-0 and Fernandes’ last point in individual action. If the team of coach Fernando Santos does not want to miss the first group game against Hungary, the DFB team should have big problems with the strong team around Ronaldo and Fernandes.


The EM dress rehearsal against Ireland may have raised eyebrows for many Hungarians. The team split 0-0 from captain and mainstream striker Adam Salah in Budapest – as Salah was unwilling to score.

Adam Salai: The Hungarian captain could not be satisfied with the chances against Ireland.  (Source: Reuters / Bernadette Sabo)Adam Salai: The Hungarian captain could not be satisfied with the chances against Ireland. (Source: Bernadette Sabo / Reuters)

For example, in the 39th minute: after a half field cross from Attila Salai, the long Bundesliga Legionnaire throws itself into the air and puts the title in the right corner. Ireland goalkeeper Gavin Basu reacted strongly and saved the end with a terrific dive.

Now such an act can be declared unfortunate, but the emergence of great opportunity shows the naked football weaknesses of the Hungarians. Atilla Salai’s high ball got its name in the middle of the box in an exemplary way, but from a tactical point of view it was one dimension, if not unnecessary. Instead of shifting the game to the other side with a long ball or playing ten, former Bundesliga professional Laszlo Kleinhauschler, who was not pushed in the middle, was forced to move the Irish forward and into his own penalty area, with the wide striker in the head striker being Hungary ‘s central defender. This scheme f often leads to nothing, especially against teams that are more clearly designed in defense, such as Germany.

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Adam Salai’s second best finish in the 55th minute also witnessed Hungary’s soccer crotch mentality. After a rush to the right side of the box, the ball luckily fell at Maines’ feet. Salai did not hesitate to bring the ball through the Holy Irish triple net. Substitute Liverpool keeper Cavomin Keller took the ball into the corner in the second half. While it is safe to say that Salah’s willpower to succeed and his heart set on a goal he did not expect at first glance, at first glance this move may seem careless and bizarre.

Maguire would also face severe bankruptcy. National coach Marco Rossi’s strong side completely missed an Irish free kick in the fifth minute, but Ireland ‘s central defender John Egan’s header finally shook the crossbar.

So, after 90 minutes against Ireland, the impression is emerging that Hungary are ready to cut a good personality in the European Championship but are relying on Adam Salis. If he doesn’t hit the ground but doesn’t look like a beacon on the defensive level, there’s not much left in Magier’s game.

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