EM 2021: The expected squad in Denmark – these players are to be expected

EM 2021: The expected squad in Denmark - these players are to be expected

Updated May 11, 2021 at 10:45 AM.

  • Former Mainz coach Hulmond wants to surprise Denmark
  • Axis from Kejriwal, Eriksen and Pulsein: Denmark has quality
  • Belgium, Finland, Russia: Group rivals are practical

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When they won the European Championship in 1992, the Danish team made a sensation. This is unrealistic in 2021, but Danish football has recently made good progress, with more and more well-known players on the team, some of whom have played great roles in top European clubs. So you should not underestimate this team.

This is how qualifying for the European Championship went to Denmark

As a runner-up in the group, Denmark did not qualify for the European Championship until the final day. The team did not lose a single game, but a 1-1 draw against Ireland in Dublin was decisive. If the Irish had won, Denmark would not have been there. After all: when you scored 23 goals, you had the best attack in the group – because Dane scored six goals twice for Gibraltar.

Stars and Talents: Eriksson, Delaney, Pulsein and Schmeichel on one axis

It is not uncommon for a Danish national team coach to be robbed of choosing which best class of players to nominate. In the case of Caspar Hullmond, who has been known to Bundesliga fans since his time in Mainz, it is. Goalkeeper Schmeichel, defender Kejriwal, midfielders Delaney and Eriksen and attacking Pulson play for some of the best teams in Europe. Leicester City, Milan, Atlanta, Tottenham, Inter, Dortmund, Leipzig: Denmark can be considered players from purely top clubs.

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Denmark beat Moldova 8-0 in World Cup qualifiers The toxic and technically well-trained team from Denmark proved that this is also true for the youth when they defeated their favorite France at the U21 European Championships. The best and best players from this selection can also go to the tournament in the summer.

Denmark: Very good staff, especially across the board

It is noteworthy that Denmark have some extraordinary abilities in the first eleven of the accused, and are not far behind in the width of the team. Schalke goalkeeper Romnov, for example, will have two of the strongest goals in the population, but the former Bundesliga players along with Westergard and Christensen will be on the team and there will be two strong central defenders, above all, before Tottenham’s Pierre-Emily Hajj, before Excellence in the development phase.

Denmark coach: Caspar Hulmand is spinning a lot

So there are some players who are hard to replace in the Danish team that leads the team, but there is no clear starting lineup. Coach Caspar Hullmond, who has a great start with six wins, one draw (against England) and two defeats (against Belgium), is spinning from time to time. Not only in the case of officials, but also in terms of formation. It makes it difficult for the opponent to match this team. In the 1-0 victory over England in the League of Nations in October, the Scandinavians showed their qualities and disappointed the favorites.

There is no doubt that there are countries that have better officials personally than Denmark. But that’s not the important thing. A team written uniformly with the most important characters can always beat even the best teams. Grouping with Belgium, Finland and Russia is not easy, but it is practical.

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The ability to play multiple systems at a high level makes this team difficult to quantify and an advantage. In addition, Denmark can send a particularly aggressive variety of players to the field. Dolberg is a dynamic striker, Paulsen is a worker who sets the accent on the press, and Brait White pulls a lot closer to a classic nine goal. Dane’s flexibility in the game will in any case become the most important trump card in the next games.

Denmark’s squad for EM 2021 will be:


  • Jonas Losle (1989), FC Midgeland
  • Frederick Rono (1992), FC Schalke04
  • Caspar Schmeichel (1986), Leicester City


  • Joachim Anderson (1996), FC Fulham
  • Nicolai Boylesen (1992), FC Copenhagen
  • Andreas Christensen (1996), FC Chelsea
  • Simon Kejer (1989), AC Milan
  • Joaquim Mah‌le (1997), Atlanta Bergamo
  • Janick Westergaard (1992), FC Southampton
  • Daniel Vaz (1989), FC Valencia


  • Thomas Delaney (1991), Borussia Dortmund
  • Christian Eriksen (1992), Inter Milan
  • Pierre-Emily Hajjjerg (1995), Tottenham Hotspur
  • Matthias Jensen (1996), FC Brentford
  • Jasper Lindstrom (2000), Brandby IF
  • Las Shane (1986), SC Heron Wein


  • Martin Bright White (1991), FC Barcelona
  • Jacob Brun Larson (1998), RSC Anderlecht
  • Caspar Dolberg (1997), OGC Nice
  • Yusuf Pulsen (1994), RB Leipzig
  • Robert Skov (1996), TSG Hoffenheim
  • Jonas Wind (1999), FC Copenhagen


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