EM 2021: Belgium on its knees, Russia at a standstill – Sports

EM 2021: Belgium on its knees, Russia at a standstill - Sports

The people of Russia are the passionate hosts of this European Championship, and they proved it over the weekend. On Saturday, their team’s opening game against Belgium, the first of six preliminary round games in St. Petersburg, was a national holiday that caused a festive atmosphere.

On the Gribodov Canal, named after a Russian playwright and diplomat, leads the Fan Mile in the shadow of the Church of the Resurrection, blowing a trumpet in the afternoon as he stands on the railing toward the Italian bridge, which actually sounds like a window on the west side: among other things, he joins Marseilles and Oz. Photos were later taken in front of the stadium, which was embraced by Russian and Belgian fans, despite warnings from UEFA volunteers everywhere to bravely follow the rules of the distance on megaphones.

Some Russian fans expressed their condolences differently, with more than 26,000 voices in the stadium. Then it was a much bigger problem than the good mood, like La Ola just before the end, for example, despite the 3-0 defeat. The theme was: Before the kick-off, the Belgian national team knelt for a while as a sign of the fight against racism. Spanish referee Antonio Mathieu Lahos and assistants attended. Also, piercing whistles echoed through the stage, a repressive sound. The Russians stopped.

Agreed not to participate in a sign against racism? What does he say to Whistle? “This is not a question related to football. If you have it, ask me,” said Russia coach Stanislav Chershev in a bad mood. Video press conferences are not his thing anyway. Of course he never said anything about a political issue like this. This is because it is simple, logical and important to be able to agree between football teams on symbols of hatred and discrimination, and perspectives on this are different. In the opinion of UEFA, in a tournament that should show unity on the continent. We urge visitors to show respect to the kneeling teams and players, ”the association said Sunday.

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Wales and Switzerland kneel together in the opening match of the European Championship

The issue was most polarized in England, a Brexit country where the players of the national team have not even started kneeling for the European Championship – parts of their own fans shouted. In a message to its supporters, the association explained its position: “It was a peaceful protest against discrimination, injustice and inequality.” The gesture goes back to the eighteenth century and had nothing to do with any political ideology or organization.

The debate on the island has reached into politics, and there are not only praiseworthy voices but also critical voices like Education Minister Gillian Keegan from the conservative Tories who believe that kneeling is “divisive”. There are also ridiculous comments like Free, Some England fans have dealt with a serious allegation in the comment columns: The England team supports “Marxism” because the symbolism became popular during the “Black Lives Matter” protest – a critique of related organization capitalism. . “Hey,” striker Harry Kane thinks, “obviously.”

The French made this gesture in a friendly against Wales, otherwise

Shows how exciting a tabloid listing topic is The sun All 24 EM participants were divided into knee and non-knee. Wales did the same in the first match as their rivals from Switzerland. The French were on their knees in a friendly against Wales, but they were not. Therefore, the Belgians are a non-British team undertaking such a venture. When asked about the negative reaction from the Russian crowd, Belgium coach Roberto Martinez said, “This is nothing new.” There were “many reactions” in Europe. Of course he is right.

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Ireland have been criticized for kneeling in a Test in Hungary, which was a disturbing scene similar to Saturday’s. Hungary’s MLSZ Association, which is close to right – wing conservative Prime Minister Victor Orban, has also issued a statement to this effect: FIFA and UEFA “will not allow politicization on the field” and the national team will not kneel.

In the friendly against England, the Hungarians, like Poland, held up a letter from the European Football Association. It says “respect”.

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