Elton John almost died after a technical malfunction on a flight to New York

Elton John almost died after a technical malfunction on a flight to New York

On February 21, Elton John saw his life take a turn for the worse when his jet crashed. The plane turned but found it very difficult to land. The story of a terrifying flight.

This is one of the most used tragic situations in movies: trying to land a plane on a flight in vain … Unfortunately, this is not the movie that 74-year-old singer Elton John saw on February 21st. No, he actually lived this horrible story, he feared for his life.

The actor is currently on a world tour to say goodbye to his fans. At the age of seventy, Elton John decided to bow down on his tour Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour. On February 21, he was scheduled to perform in New York. Elton John, a former alcoholic who finds himself in Farnborough, England, decides to travel with his private jet … he should have stayed away.

Elton John DR

An hour after flying over Ireland, his Bombardier Global Express There is a serious hydraulic problem. At this point, Elton finds John himself 10,000 feet high. Suffice it to say that any mischief at this height should be done as calmly as possible with the possibility of spitting. According to our colleagues Daily Mail, The pilot notices passengers to turn around immediately. So he resumed his course to Farnborough.

Elton avoids John Crash

But on arrival at the destination, Elton John’s plane could not land. The wind is blowing at a speed of more than 128 kilometers per hour. Eunice stormed England that day. The pilot tried to land three times, eventually getting there, and was confronted by dozens of rescue trucks. Someone who saw the scene on the ground described it Daily Mail :

The jet flew everywhere and could not land. It was awesome to watch.

Fortunately, the experienced pilot made an achievement. On Tuesday, February 22, a spokesman for the Hampshire and Isle of White Fire and Rescue Service, which sent teams to assist Elton John’s plane, confirmed the incident.

Firefighters from Rushmore, Hartley Windy, Basingstoke, Fleet, Yatley and Surrey FRS were called to an incident at Farnborough Airport at 11.16am yesterday. No action was required and the airport emergency services took care of things.

Rocket Man was shocked to see that scene and a few hours later boarded another plane and performed at Madison Square Garden! We imagine that Elton John never slept a blink of an eye until New York, and we understand that.

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