Elon Musk loses status as world’s second richest man

Elon Musk loses status as world's second richest man

“She congratulated her family in Barakhish,” so it led the tweets, Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and billionaire On Twitter, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is declining, as it led to a strong rise earlier this year, but it’s like a stone tied to his company’s shares, which have been subjected to violent shock, and Musk has lost second place among the richest people in the world.

French carmaker LVMH president Bernard Arnold came in second after electric car maker plunged 2.2 percent amid a global slump in technology shares and signs of new problems in China’s business.

Musk, who topped the Bloomberg Billionaires Index in March, has a net worth of $ 160.6 billion. 24 percent lower than January highs.

It was the beginning of a turbulent period for Tesla’s boss. Bitcoin fell as much as 15% last week. After posting a statement on Twitter, Tesla announced that it would not accept payments in digital currency. Cars. He helped set up Dodge Coin pricing after tweeting that he was working with cryptocurrency developers to improve transaction efficiency.

Wrong tweets

Over the weekend, Muscock again got into trouble when he suggested that Tesla could sell or sell Bitcoin holdings, and the company had done nothing of the sort before explaining in a tweet on Monday.

Musk, 49, became the world’s richest man in January. Shares of Tesla rose 750 percent last year.

Globally, Tesla’s shares fell one – fifth due to a shortage of semiconductors and competition from traditional carmakers.

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Muscovite’s wealth is estimated to be $ 9.1 billion this year, the biggest drop in wealth among US – based billionaires found by the Bloomberg Wealth Index.

Meanwhile, the 72 – year – old’s total assets rose $ 47 billion to $ 161.2 billion as sales of the company’s luxury goods increased in China and other parts of Asia.

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