Elon Musk is Tesla Motors’ latest ‘technology’; More eccentricity

Elon Musk is Tesla Motors' latest 'technology';  More eccentricity

As the BBC said, Elon Musk “His company has a new title: ‘Technology’ from Tesla. The media added that “this was announced in the official form submitted by the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States”, in which he explained that he would continue in his regular position in the company.

Equal, Businessman (He earned a day) He was not the only one to graduate“Tesla CFO Sachs Kirhorn will henceforth be the ‘Currency Master’ or ‘Currency Counselor’

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The peculiarities of these changes can be attributed to all the movements made by the employer in various fields such as economics and technology.

More curiosities by Elon Musk

For example, South Africa has invested a large amount of money bitcin Y He then made a comment that downgraded cryptocurrency.

However, peculiarities are also found in his family, as he called his seventh son XÆA-Xi, a name with many meanings.

despite this, The businessman is one of the most successfulAt least financially. However, Musk has had to deal with a complex relationship His father, a baby was born.

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