Elon Musk confirms new SpaceX drone shipment known as ‘A Little Fall of Gravitas’ – Third Ship Recognizes Ian Banks Cultural Novel Series

Elon Musk confirms new SpaceX drone shipment known as 'A Little Fall of Gravitas' - Third Ship Recognizes Ian Banks Cultural Novel Series


The Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, a well-known aerospace manufacturer and space transportation service company based in Hawthorne, California, will have a third drone ship in the SpaceX Arsenal. The third drone will receive the title ‘A Short Fall of Gravitas’ from the late author Ein Banks’ famous science fiction novel series Culture.

Elon Musk, Eccentric Chief Executive Officer of SpaceX, proudly announced on Twitter that the new drone, along with its predecessors, is leading the company back to the seas to reclaim its reusable ships. These ships are responsible for ‘picking up’ the spacecraft that the company returns to.

SpaceX’s reusable technology for ships

SpaceX Proud of the reusable ships Dragon and Falcon, both successfully brought the payloads and passengers to the cosmic hive and returned to the surface for reuse. The reusable spacecraft is a practical invention of the company, which reduces production costs and helps reduce waste.


(Photo: NASA)

The reusable or return spacecraft can now be maneuvered and instructed to return to the oceans with special thrusters for direction and landing. SpaceX’s technology leads the successful mission spacecraft to its catcher drones, both located in the world’s largest oceans, the Pacific and the Atlantic.

Currently, the company’s youngest drone ship in the Pacific Ocean, Off Course I Still Love You (OCISLY), is the first ship to sail the Atlantic independently known as “Just Read Instructions” (JRTI). Both are nodes of a famous author, Ian Banks’ Science Fiction Novel Series, Culture, Published from 1987 to 2012.

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A little drop of Gravitas: Space Excise Ship Returns Coming Soon!

Elon Musk, leader and CEO of SpaceX, recently announced on Twitter that the new drone would be called ‘A Short Fall of Gravitas’, indicating that it would be visible to the public soon. Musk is known to have dropped Nigo statement statements on his Twitter account; This time, however, he came straight to the point.

There will be days remaining in 2020 and days coming up in 2021 SpaceX flies several missions Cargo and luxury travelers, astronauts. The addition of a third drone will help Elon Musk and SpaceX coordinate their ships and alternate its use. This third addition would be beneficial to SpaceX as many unexpected events are nowhere to be seen. Many Twitter users are speculating whether the new drone will be used for SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy and 3-core drone landing. Falcon Heavy and many more Dragon XL Missions have its own spacecraft, so it returns with more parts, and more drones are needed to receive them.

A brief fall of Gravitas will soon engulf the seas, waiting for the company to collect SpaceX’s unique reusable ships and prepare for another mission. The reusable operation of the spacecraft is a demonstration of Elon Musk’s dedication to a clean planet, as well as Tesla’s vision and ideas.

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