“Elizabeth II, a royal decree”, the excess of bowing

"Elizabeth II, a royal decree", the excess of bowing

About an hour doc about the Queen of England, you know? She is wonderful, extraordinary, lovable, humble, humorous and good-natured, and has extraordinary political skills. Evidence? One time she went to Ireland in a green dress, and another, during the Brexit crisis, wore a blue hat like the European flag. The most impartial witnesses confirm all this: his wallets de chambre, his hat, the lord of his parliament, and even one of his ambassadors. About an hour, I tell you. This is about water that is as sweet as suede and as sweet as Cadbury’s chocolate. Let us admit: I have all the sympathy of the world for this old man wearing the hat, like you, a few billion people on this earth. I appreciate his longevity and, like everyone else, I know that the news of his demise will be heard with a heavy heart. However, I allow myself to make this reference.

Elizabeth is an icon, yes. She is also a head of state

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So are we obligated to eat so much nonsense every time we watch a documentary about her? Tonight, in that sense, is chemically pure. There is no shortage of archival footage or sources – the team traveled to various locations in London and even explored the famous yacht. “Britannia” Along with that Mamie traveled the seas of the Commonwealth. He gives us tons of information – how the carriage used for the coronation was renovated, how much the royal crown weighed, and what tree her majesty planted in the garden of the British Embassy in Paris. It is common for everyone to be almost uninterested.

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Elizabeth II Jubilee: Buckingham Palace, your cruel universe

Elizabeth is an icon, yes. She is also a head of state. Having done a little politics, looking at it from a short distance, why can’t we count it that way? I do not know. she is “Queen”So we deserve it ” point of view “. The worst thing is that we have not finished crashing into it. The film is being released tonight ahead of the Platinum Jubilee, which celebrates the 70th anniversary of his reign this June. Not started yet. We already feel like it will take a long time.

Wednesday, June 1 at 9:10 pm France 3. Roots and Wings. Introduced by Carole Gaessler (2022). 52 minutes (available on replay) france.tv).

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