Elementary and junior high school students highly motivated to study in the Ishinomaki area at the end of the year | Kahoku Shimpo Online News / Online News

Elementary and junior high school students highly motivated to study in the Ishinomaki area at the end of the year |  Kahoku Shimpo Online News / Online News

Children working in a Bremen study session
Mr. Kyono teaching students (second from left)

During the year-end and New Year holidays, there was a series of “study sessions” for elementary and junior high school students in the Ishinomaki region. Former elementary school teachers, university students and active teachers are all willing to teach them. While appreciating the high learning motivation of elementary and junior high school students, he expressed his desire to continue improving his academic ability.

കഴിഞ്ഞ് Free after-school guidance for children’s club Bremen, Ishinomaki 4 elementary school children

On December 21 last year, the NPO “After School Children’s Club Bremen” held a “free learning session” at the Ishinomaki Central Community Center in Ishinomaki City. Planned in the sense of a “trial” before starting in full from this month. Seven people from 4 small schools in Ishinomaki, Kama, Hebita and Yamashita visited.

The children are divided into lower grades, middle grades, and higher grades, and under the guidance of former elementary school teacher Hisako Abe and cram school teacher Yuko Sunashima, homework in Japanese and mathematics provided by Bremen President Takara Suzuki. Worked on such things.

The children said with a smile that they are happy to be able to study with people from a school they do not know, and that what they do not understand helps to teach kindly.

“Everyone is learning well. I hope this activity will further motivate children to learn.”

The goal of the free learning session is to support parents and children who are unable to fully watch their children’s homework due to poor living conditions and poor living conditions. More than half of the seven participants are unmarried parents.

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In the future, we aim to create an environment where children can grow up healthy by establishing their learning. The policy is to plan a study session with more satisfying content in collaboration with the “Meeting to Improve Academic Ability in Ishinomaki City”.

It will be held on one, three and four Tuesdays from 5.30pm to 6.30pm. This month is from the 18th. Contact information is 0225 (98) 3095.

സ് Narus Miraichu “Winter Vacation Study Group”, helping graduates with homework

A first-year student at the Faculty of Humanities at Ishinomaki Senshu University, Shri. Hisami Kyono visited his alma mater Mickey Naka Naruse (195 students) in Higashimatsushima City and conducted a winter vacation study session. I suggested to the school side and realized, “I hope this will reduce the burden on teachers and help juniors as much as possible.” The students rejoiced at the fact that they were “like sisters” close to their age.

Twenty-two students participated in the study, which took place on December 24, 27 and 28 last year. In addition to five subjects: Japanese, English, Mathematics, Science, and Society, Mr. Kyono assisted with homework during the winter holidays. Classmate Yui Hosokawa (from Fukushima City) and third-year student Marika Abe (Ishinomaki City) also participated as guidance staff.

Mr Kyono said with a smile, “Most of the students who have completed their homework have worked hard and realized that they are very motivated to learn. It was a valuable experience for me.”

Yuri Sato, a first-year student who received the instruction, said, “It’s easy to speak, I’m good at teaching, it’s a little difficult to understand the problem of light in science, but I can understand it.

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Mr. Kyono seems to have responded to the response beyond expectations. “I need to do a study session for spring break,” he plans for the second installment.

ത Kitakami Naka “Winter Vacation Learning Class”, struggles to overcome vulnerable subjects

From December 24th last year to the 7th of this month there were five study sessions called “Winter Vacation Learning Class” at Kitakami, Ishinomaki City (42 students). Third class students who are scheduled to appear for the entrance examination and first and second class students who are aiming to improve their learning ability by doing homework for the winter holidays also participated.

On December 27 last year, five people gathered in the third class at 8.30 am. After self-study, I studied science and math for exam subjects under the guidance of my homeroom teacher Rio Takahashi and study assistant Zaki Koyama.

When I study subjects that are not good, there are scenes where students think together and teach students who understand each other, so I acted with seriousness even in hot weather.

In the third year, Shri. Yoshi Saito expressed his inspiration, “I’m not very good at math, so I’m grateful for what I’m taught. I will do my best to succeed in the school I love.”

Teacher Takahashi said, “The motivation to study for the exam is increasing day by day and I hope I can help everyone succeed in the school of their choice.”

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