Electricity Utility Regulatory Agency Deploys Solar Water Heater Systems .. Find Out

Electricity Utility Regulatory Agency Deploys Solar Water Heater Systems .. Find Out

The Electricity Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency has published on its official page on the social networking site Facebook its basic features. Solar heaters , It is as follows:

First: Direct Circulation Solar Water Heating System:

These systems pump water from storage to solar collectors that collect sunlight, and direct circulation systems are used only in areas where cold temperatures are rare.

Second: By draining the solar water heating system downstairs.

The advantages of a solar heater are:

1- Provides hot water day and night even during power outages.

2- Solar heaters have a longer lifespan and less breakdown than conventional heaters.

3- Reduce the percentage of pollution caused by other heaters.

4- The feature of solar heater is high efficiency for absorbing and storing heat.

5- It is characterized by fast and easy installation and maintenance.

6- It saves electricity.

7- It achieves safety by avoiding the dangers of fire and suffocation resulting from the use of gas and electric heaters.

8- Maintains the interior of kitchens and bathrooms and provides interior space.

9- A heater can be used for many units (bathrooms and kitchens); Upstairs in an apartment.

10- There are different capacities of solar heaters suitable for all needs and uses.

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