Electricity and thermal energy from Vinca arrive at the end of November

Electricity and thermal energy from Vinca arrive at the end of November

The first quantities of electrical and thermal energy produced from waste at the new landfill in Vinca should light and heat the city’s apartments by the end of November. The waste to power plant is expected to reach full capacity by April 2023.

– Despite the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings against our main contractor entrusted with the design and construction of the municipal waste-to-energy plant (in January 2022), we were able to undertake all the work and continue to implement the project with minimal delays. Now we are both client and contractor, and thanks to the large project team we were able to assemble and quick decisions by management, the work is progressing well. The plant is expected to be ready for final tests by the end of November 2022, when the first amount of waste will be burned and the first amount of electricity and heat will be produced. Considering the complexity of the plant, satisfying the various procedures related to commissioning and putting all the technologies in working mode, it is planned to achieve a full incineration capacity of 43.6 tons per hour by April 2023 – they say in “Bio Sisto”. .

When the power plant reaches full capacity, “Bio Chista” will supply 56.5 MW of thermal energy to the city’s district heating system. About ten percent of the citizens will be supplied with that thermal energy. Meanwhile, this company will supply 30.24 MW of power to the transmission and distribution system, which will be sufficient for five percent of consumers. Most importantly, it is “green energy” from renewable sources.

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– When the plant reaches its full capacity – 340,000 tons of municipal waste per year, which will no longer be disposed of in a landfill, but will be converted into energy. It will contribute to the general improvement of the environment and provide permanent employment to more than 120 people, from engineers to maintenance workers and operators, along with waste management and treatment at the new sanitary landfill, which will be operational in August 2021. – they said in “Bio Clean”.

Apart from the power plant, one of the most important plants in the Vinca complex is a leachate treatment plant.

– The plant is already fully ready and operational, but due to delays in securing connection to the power distribution system, power is currently supplied by a diesel generator. As soon as “Elektrodistribucija Beograd” secures a permanent connection to the system, final tests will be carried out, implying a seven-day continuous mode of operation, and the facility will finally be operational. So far, it has already been proven that the plant is working well, the polluted leachate is treated and the fresh water goes to the Danube through the Oljanski stream – they point out in “Bio Sistoja”.

The projected treatment capacity of this plant is 90,000 cubic meters per year of leachate, which is generated at the landfill complex.

– When the municipal waste power plant starts operating, almost all the leachate from the new sanitary landfill will be used for the solidification process of residuals generated after municipal waste treatment, while all the remaining leachate originating from the old landfill will be treated. At the plant. Since the old landfill is still uncovered, atmospheric precipitation freely penetrates the body of the landfill and increases the significant volume of leachate accumulated within. For this reason, extraction of leachate from the body of the landfill must be combined with maximum capacity for treatment and storage of leachate to reduce its volume to an acceptable level. In the end, after completing the stabilization and rehabilitation of the old landfill, there will be no leachate leaving the complex in Vinka untreated – they said in “Bio Chistja”.

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