Eldon Ring PC: Only 60% approval on Steam

Eldon Ring PC: Only 60% approval on Steam

Original article: There were definitely different ideas from the software. After the game received a lot of high ratings, people thought it would not go wrong to launch it on PC, often even 10 out of 10 directly. But that is far from the case.

Eldon Ring: Review Bombing on Steam

If you look at the current user ratings on Steam, there are 14,000 user reviews in the books with 60% (“balanced”) approval at the time of this news. It does not match the Twitter account at all Still last night Published by: 20x 10/10 rating, so PC players are more likely to be reasonably satisfied. But they are not, so one can already use the term review bombing.

If you look at the comments on Steam, there is a wild mix of technical “issues”. 60 fps frame lock was mentioned once, but it was already known. Lack of widescreen support also occurs several times. At least for one Elden Ring before the release of Patch 1.02 Published, is thought to help against stumbles, among other things, micro stuttering and frame drops mentioned in the comments. The use of Easy Anti-Cheat has also been criticized, with users reporting “telemetry from Epic, Amazon, and software itself”.

But that’s not all. At night, rumors spread that the valve User reviews of Eldon Ring will be deleted. The initial post of the Reddit thread was deleted as the reviews apparently reactivated. Some users report that Steam has server issues. But there is one thing at the moment of this news Related thread in Steam, Also handles reviews that are thought to have been deleted. Most of the comments about this are not visible, but it is worth noting that they are provided with the following post.

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Steam: Comments on some threads are not approved

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It is fair to say that Valvin’s anti-bombing technology is behind this. Valve always intervenes to ensure that “when a large number of users evaluate a game, it is not for the actual purpose of the reviews – but to make a recommendation”. Although it’s in the Eldon Ring It remains to be seen whether this is really the case.

Eldon Ring: Big win at Steam

Update: More than 22,000 Steam players have already dropped a rating, and ratings are still 59 percent manageable. Discussions on the Steam Forum It is full of complaints about technology. It does not seem to affect the success of Steam. This morning, the Elden Ring was the # 1 most played game before Counter-Strike GO, Lost Arc or Dota 2. More than 760,000 players Playing at the same time, this is a multiple of Dark Souls 3 (approximately 130,000) or Seciro (approximately 125,000).

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