Elderly man receives different doses of Kovid-19 vaccine in Bertogi: ‘Absurdo’ | More health

Elderly man receives different doses of Kovid-19 vaccine in Bertogi: 'Absurdo' |  More health

A 93-year-old man in Bertigo, off the coast of Sao Paulo, received two different doses of the vaccine against Kovid-19. The error was discovered by health experts who went to the man’s home to report what had happened. According to the city’s health department, human error occurred while applying immunity, and the event is an isolated case.

Said the daughter of retired Joao Raimundo de Souza G1 On March 3, the father was taken from the Button Institute to receive the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine at the Basic Health Unit (UBS) in Jardim India.

“My father took the first dose of the vaccine on February 10, and I’m all happy he should have returned on March 3. Fatima Regina de Souza Miguel explains that he marked the lot on the card and took it from a boutonniere called Coronavac.

According to Fatima, the day after taking the second dose, she left her father in the car and asked a professional to vaccinate the elderly. “I told the two nurses who came to me that he was going to take the second dose of butane, she filled out some papers, took the vaccination card and went to the hospital to get the vaccine. In that room, I informed a third nurse that I was going to take the second dose of coronavirus. ”

“The nurse who applied and the nurse’s head and a third person came to my door. I was scared and I asked what had happened and they said my father had not taken the vaccination dose from Butanton. I froze, thinking there would be a reaction. He has nothing, OK ”.

On the day of the incident, Fatima was told that her father could be monitored for reactions, but even so, the elderly had to take the second dose of the Oxford vaccine, scheduled for May 26. Described in the Vaccination Voucher.

“How am I going to tell my dad that I spent all the time waiting for the vaccine and that I took the second dose thinking I would have immunity and now I have to wait another two months at home?”, He said. Asks.

“I was afraid the vaccine was right, and I warned him. When the nurse came to the door of my house, I told her I had not spoken once or twice. I told her three times that I would take the second dose. I found an absurd, absurd error,” says Fatima.

Different vaccine doses

According to infectious disease doctor Ivaldo Stanislav, no further studies have been done on this subject, but no adverse events have occurred. “Immunity comes in one form or another. Given the time between large doses of Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccines, I recommend making a second dose three months after the “first” – this was the second dose, he explains.

Searched for G1Bertiega City Hall reported through the Department of Health that they knew what had happened and that this was an isolated case. According to the folder, a human error occurred while applying the immunizer in the elderly, who received different doses of vaccine against Kovid-19, and should now receive a second dose of coronavirus as recommended by the Epidemiological Surveillance Group (GVE). .

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The Bertogga Health Department said it knew what had happened and that it was an isolated case. The 93-year-old JRS, who received various vaccines against Kovid-19, had a human error in the application of the immunization. In the opinion of the Secretariat, the Nursing Technician responsible for the application always has good professional conduct. After examining what had happened, the Secretariat issued a warning to the employee and strengthened the guidelines for all professionals vaccinating against Kovid-19. The municipality is expanding testing to avoid errors and adopting new vaccination protocols. According to the Epidemiological Surveillance Group (GVE) technical recommendation, the municipality says it has already led an elderly family to receive a second dose of the coronavac vaccine.

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