El Italdon joins Manuela Farlan and Veronica Madia to beat Ireland in Italian Women’s Rugby Championship – RugbyMeet

El Italdon joins Manuela Farlan and Veronica Madia to beat Ireland in Italian Women's Rugby Championship - RugbyMeet

The coach of the Italian women’s national team selected the team that will face Ireland at 18.30 (19.30 Italian time) local time on Saturday, October 24 in Donibrook (at Energia Park in Dublin) to reclaim the fourth round of the 2020 Six Nations Women’s Tournament.

No. 10 Veronica Madia and winger Ura Musso are back in the blue after a series of injuries. After a long stop involving the left shoulder rim, Manuel Farlan, 73, with Italon, enters the field and leads Italdon as captain: “After a year and a half, I lost training with girls; The truth is, as soon as you find yourself with them, you will realize how much you have lost them. I found the group together. Excitement is sky high. We can’t wait to take the field, especially since I can’t wait for my teammates to come back for help. “

Departure for the Irish capital at 10.00 am on October 23 on a Ryanair charter flight – similar to the men’s national team – departing from Siampino Airport. The captain’s run is usually scheduled for 5.00pm local time.

Fans can follow the match live on Eurosport Player or Eurosport 2 at 22.30pm, with commentary by Andrea Gardina.

Italian women:

15. Manuela Farlan (Arredisima villorba, 73 caps) – Captain
14. Vittoria Ostuni Minusi (Valsugana Rugby Padova, 2 caps
13. Michelle Zillari (Valsugana Rugby Padua, 55 caps)
12. Beatrice Rigoni (Valsugana Padua, 41 caps)
11. Ura Muso (Aredisima villorba, 12 caps)
10. Veronica Media (Rugby Colorno, 17 caps)
9. Sofia Stefan (Valsugana Rugby Padova, 54 caps)
8. Elisa Giordano (Valsugana Rugby Padova, 41 caps)
7. Giada Franco (HBS Colorno, 15 caps)
6. Francesca Sorbini (ASM Romagnat, France, 3 caps)
5. Giordana DUCA (Valsugana Rugby Padova, 16 Caps)
4. Sarah Tonsey (SM Romagnat, France, 14 caps)
3. Lucia GAI (Valsugana Rugby Padova, 68 caps)
2. Melissa Bottoni (Stade Renaissance, France, 56 caps)
1. Sylvia Turani (FC Grenoble, Francia, 14 caps)

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16. Giulia Cerato (Valsugana Rugby Padova, 3 caps)
17. Erica Skofka (Valsugana Rugby Padova, Rookie)
18. Michela Merlo (Kawasaki Rugby Calvisano, 6 caps)
19. Valeria Federigi (Stade Toulouse, Francia, 20 caps)
20. Francesca Esberna (Kawasaki Robot Calvisano, 4 caps)
21. Sarah Baratin (Arrhythmia villorba, 93 caps)
22. Beatrice Capomazi (Union Rugby Capitolina, 3 caps)
23. Benedetta Mancini (Union Rugby Capitolina, 2 caps)

6 Nations Women’s Redemption Program in Italy:

October 24
Ore 19.30 Irish women Italian women – Donnie Brook Stadium, Dublin

November 1
Ore 18.00 Italy Women v England Women – Lanfranchi Stadium, Parma

December 6
Ore 19.00 Italian women v Scotland women – Lanfranchi Stadium, Parma

Photo by Martina Sofo

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