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EIRCODE – Find your postcode in Ireland

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Ireland’s zip code was officially implemented on Monday, July 13, 2015.

The “eircode” system means that each object in the country has its own seven digit code.

When it was created, the system’s goal was to make it easier for people and businesses to find all addresses in Ireland.

Of course, in the old postal system, more than 35% of addresses were shared with at least one item. This can sometimes cause problems in accurately identifying a property location for a delivery service, for example.

How does it work?

Aircode is a unique 7 character code that combines letters and numbers. Each yearcode contains a 3-character routing key for area identification and a unique 4-character identifier for each address, for example A65 F4E2.

The routing key contains the first 3 characters of an aircode. The first character is always a letter, followed by 2 digits (except D6W). The letters are not associated with a county or city name, except for Dublin Postal Districts, where the current postal codes have been changed to routing key formats such as D03, D12 and D22. The same routing key can be shared between multiple cities and townlands.

The unique identifier is a group of 4 characters, followed by the routing key. Each unique ID is unique and unique to your home or environment.

To find your postal code, go to the website Air code

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