Einstein Ring: The James Webb Space Telescope captured a stunning image of the Einstein Ring. The James Webb Space Telescope captured stunning images of the Einstein ring

Einstein Ring: আইনস্টাইন রিংয়ের অত্যাশ্চর্য ছবি তুলে ফের তাক লাগাল জেমস ওয়েব স্পেস টেলিস্কোপ

JWST’s Einstein Ring Image: The James Webb Space Telescope captured an image of the Einstein Ring. In that picture, the Einstein ring has emerged as best it has ever seen. The reason is manipulation by a social media user.

Never seen such a perfect picture of the Einstein ring.

James Webb Space Telescope: The James Webb Space Telescope captures incredible images of the cosmic world one after the other. With those images, the space telescope was able to highlight some breathtaking aspects of the universe. This time James has come up with another rare image. That image is the Einstein ring. The image was captured by the space telescope’s MIRI detector. The event was also observed using the James Webb Space Telescope’s powerful NIRCam detector.

What is the Einstein Ring?

When light from a star or galaxy bypasses another galaxy or a giant object on its way to Earth, the special condition is called Einstein rings. Because the gravitational force of massive objects can bend light, it creates a ring-like effect by creating gravitational lensing, and the light of the galaxy appears as an almost perfect ring. The galaxy captured by NIRCam is SPT-S J041839-4751.8. This particular galaxy is about 12 billion light-years away from Earth.

But thanks to Reddit user Spaceguy44 for this great picture. After post-processing, he was able to give a better representation of the Einstein ring. This Reddit user collected the image from the Space Telescope Science Institute’s archives. Such colorful aspects of the Einstein ring are highlighted with a special filter.

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The James Webb Space Telescope uses three different filters. The red one is the F1000W filter, which captures the 10µm wavelength of light. Green is the F770W filter covering the 7.7µm wavelength and blue is the F560W filter covering the 5.6µm wavelength. Reddit user Spaceguy44 took these images and processed them in GIMP, mixing and coloring them with Astropy.

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Surprisingly, this is not the first Einstein ring captured by the James Webb telescope for SPT-S J041839-4751.8. A few weeks earlier in August, a similar Einstein ring was photographed by the James Webb Space Telescope. But this time SpaceGuy44 colored the image and its detailed look is very different from the previous image.

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