EF-5 hurricanes: a record in their absence

EF-5 hurricanes: a record in their absence

2022 May 29, Sunday 3:45 p.m. – This is the longest range in which these extremely violent phenomena do not appear.

May 20 marks the ninth anniversary of Hurricane EF-5 in the United States. It is the longest hurricane-free streak of this force in the United States. When it was last seen, it destroyed the town of Moore, Oklahoma. The damage was enormous. Many houses were literally blown away by the strong winds. A total of 24 people were killed and more than 200 were injured.

May 20, 2013 Hurricane Moore, OklahomaPhoto: The last EF-5 tornado in the United States to date

Incredibly strong wind

During the event, winds were blowing in the area at a speed of 340 kilometers per hour. These were therefore clear evidence of the presence of Hurricane EF-5, as winds of at least 315 km / h or more were required to reach this section.

Hurricane force

Surprisingly, this type of hurricane causes enormous damage, which happened in Moore. Few tornadoes have reached this power since data was compiled in the 1950s. Of the 59 Fujita tornadoes, the Fujita scale used up to 2007 and the EF-5 tornado later recorded on the Improved Fujita scale were only 59.

Just a Canadian incident

With a An average of 1,200 hurricanes per year, The United States tops the list of countries with the highest incidence of these phenomena in their region. Not surprisingly, our neighbors were also hit hardest by F5 and EF-5.

But this phenomenon is not unique to them. One of these devastating hurricanes has already occurred in Canada. June 22, 2007 An F5 hurricane hits the city of Elijah, Manitoba. Massive damage was reported. Among other things, a house was torn down from its foundation, which inspired the maximum classification of the event.

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Hurricane Eli ManitobaAttribution Photo: The Weather Network

Hurricane Elijah was the only hurricane to be classified as F5 since the Environment Canada adopted the Fujita Scale in 2013. Since then, no major tornado has been recorded in the country.

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