EEF Show Jumping in Warsaw and silence of FISE

EEF Series di salto ostacoli a Varsavia e il mutismo della FISE

Day three of the international show jumping competitions in Warsaw and the third day of deafening silence for FISE, one of the most important away competitions of the 2022 season. Tomorrow at 11 o’clock coach Marco Porro will meet the blue team selected – Piergiorgio Bucci (Carpe Diem- J&F Champblanc), Emanuel Camilli (Chadellano PS), 1st selected Airman Lorenzo De Luca (Scuderia 1918 Highlight), Riccardo Pisani (Charlemagne JT Z), Corporal Major Guido Franchi (Vulcan de Retaud) – committed to face. The final of the EEF series, if won, will put Italy back among the great nations of the most important equestrian discipline of the Olympic Games and World Championships (Agent Francesca Sirizzi is part of this journey, with Chacos Boy and Calotta 23 , individual title).Â

The mystery of the silence of the Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports (and its allies) in an event – unlike many others above this year – Blue Team collected victories and top positions (real, not fake. € œstupendiâ €) is simple to unveil. First of all, the Federal Press Office has been redirected to Prattoni del Vivaro instead of Poland, although the World Championships will start on Thursday, September 12, and there is already an excellent communication center led by expert Caterina Vagnosi with support. Encyclopedic Luca Paparelli and Mario Viggiani, former head of the horse column at Corriere dello Sport.

With lots of good news for the Italian teams and the coach, there is a fear of another World Cup defeat tomorrow in Denmark in August. Those who believe that a return to a series of show jumping isn’t all that great and could be a few more seasons on the back and off the back of the Paris 2024 Olympics have been widely highlighted in the past few weeks. Knights, Amazons, horses, owners, unfortunately, through no fault of their own – the bones of a group of Italian breeders.

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Golden Sweden finished outside Division 1 this year, although Serie B supporters add to the fact that they have won the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games as well as the 2022 Herring World Championship as teams and individuals. So, for those in Stockholm, a pass from the grand chorus of the Nations Cup is pure water. Unlike Italy, which has only been beaten wherever it happens for two years and can make a name for itself in Warsaw.

Today in the Polish capital two 4-star matches took place with the participation of the Italians. Totalizer Sportovi Prize (speed and management, 11 hurdles with 13 jumps at 1.45, €7,350 prize money, 17 competitors) in which Jodi Calotta 23 / Francesca Sirizzi finished second. Irish winners Gonzalo / Trevor Breen stopped the clock in 62.55 against 60.67.

This was followed by the PKO Bank Polski Award (timed, 12 hurdles of 1.45, 15 jumps, €21,840, 50 opponents) with the victory of Pauls Le Cordiale / Andrzej Oplatek. Blues: 22 ° Emerald Dream / Bucci, 24 ° Stakalite / De Luca, 28 ° Oliver van € ™ t Heike / Pisani, 30 ° Odense Odevelde / Camille, 47 ° Falanita / Franchi, 48 ° C ₢ Chaco .TO
Tomorrow (11am) Longines EEF Series Final Nations Cup (4 stars, 2 rounds, hurdles at 1.45, 11 competing teams) with Austria, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Hungary in Division 1 second leg (winner) FEI.

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