Edna O’Brien became Commander of the Order of the Arts and Letters


Irish writer Edna O’Brien will be decorated by Culture Minister Roslyn Bachelotte-Narquin at an online event on Sunday, March 7, to mark International Women’s Day.

This adornment reflects the genius of Edna O’Brien, not only for her extraordinary work, but also for her consistent commitment and independence to women.

At a ceremony hosted by the French Embassy in Ireland, the Irish Embassy in France, the Irish Cultural Center, the Irish Literary Circle and the Irish Center in New York, Roslyn Bachelott-Narquin paid tribute to the author. Nora Hickey M. Sicily, director of the Irish Cultural Center, author Colum McCann, actor Gabriel Byrne, and George Heslin, director of the Irish Center for New York.

French Ambassador to Ireland H.W. Vincent Guerrero underlined:

“The relationship between France and Ireland is very strong, especially in the cultural and literary spheres. Mrs. Edna O’Brien is a great example of her life, her work and her commitment. “

Like other great Irish writers, such as Samuel Beckett and James Joyce, Edna O’Brien established a special relationship with France.

All of his works have been translated into French, which is a sign of the special interest of French readers in his books. She was also the first foreign writer to receive the Femina Award in 2019 for all her work. Another moment of intense emotion was read at the inauguration of Barbara Hendrix in 2020 Text taken from “Avignon Dreams” Girls.

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Born in County Clare, Ireland, Edna O’Brien received many honors and was honored. Irish PEN Lifetime Achievement Award, The American National Arts Gold Medal Or the Frank O’Connor Prize. The PEN / Nabokov Prize recognizes his work in international literature, including “ It broke down the social and sexual barriers for women in Ireland and beyond .

In her early novels, she speaks openly about sexuality and questions the moral and familial order of conservative Ireland. They will be banned in his country for a long time and some will be burnt.

Throughout his novels or hisDramas will draw heroines who struggle tirelessly to thrive. Characters who are not victims, but women who find their way, overcome the pain of life or assignments through struggle.

Through all her works located in Ireland, Serbia and Nigeria, the author leads us to the universal struggle for freedom and equality.

Edna O’Brien presented the decoration on International Women’s Rights Day, echoing the values ​​that built her work and supported many women.

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