Economic freedom: France behind Kazakhstan

Posted on September 8, 2022


Would France be more independent than countries like Kazakhstan or Malaysia? That’s according to the latest ranking of economic freedom by the Fraser Institute, Canada’s leading liberal think tank.

The Fraser Institute produces an annual report on economic freedom around the world in collaboration with the Economic Freedom Network, a consortium of independent research and education institutions in nearly 100 countries and territories. The world’s first measure of economic freedom, it rates and ranks countries in five areas: size of state, legal structure and security of property rights, access to sound currency, freedom of international trade and credit, labor and business regulation.

This year’s report, based on 2020 data (the latest available) also takes into account the effect of Covid-related restrictions.

France: The least free country in the West

France ranks 54th in this rankingE Place between countries like Kazakhstan and Malaysia (tied for 49thE Location) Slovakia (54E and place), Mongolia (56E) and Hungary (57E).

All Western European countries rank above France. The worst is Italy (44E) Belgium (46E). As for Canada and the United States, they are in the top 15 of the ranking: 7E Americans and 14E For Canadians.

Are smaller countries more economically independent?

Most of the 20 independent countries are small countries with populations of 10 million or less. It could be a coincidence. But the fact that these countries lack the political and military capacity to impose their authority on the world can also be a factor in the explanation. So, attracting entrepreneurs is their way to stand out. Singapore is second and Switzerland third is going in this direction.

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In Europe, the 20 most free countries after Switzerland are: Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Romania and Iceland.

The former Soviet bloc: the best and the worst

A certain number of countries of the former Soviet Union are thus represented at the top of the ranking. In addition to the countries already mentioned, Georgia (15E) and Bulgaria (23E) stand out.

However, some countries have less prestigious results. Hungary and Slovakia have average results, while Poland ranks 80thE It is barely a place higher than Belarus, which ranks 82ndE Square Samachathuram. The Polish government’s inability to implement economic reforms ranks last in the EU in this area.

But there’s something even worse: Russia ranks 94thE Square Samachathuram. A lower score than India (89E), but higher than China (116E). For Ukraine, it ranks 126thE It is the least independent country in continental Europe and the former Soviet Union (including Central Asia).

Georgia’s very favorable position, subject to strong Russian influence (cf. areas under Russian military control in Ossetia and Abkhazia) Taiwan (24)E) shows, however, that independent economies are possible when Russia or China are neighbors.

The study can be read here

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