ECDC last minute warning with an extremely worrying announcement

The ECDC issued a last-minute warning with an extremely worrying announcement that not only targets the European Union, but also draws the world’s attention to the fact that Great Britain is among no less than 6 countries of the Union. No fewer than 303 cases of hepatitis A were detected, and because of the large number of cases, outbreaks occurred in all of them.

The ECDC says that in these cases it is about human-to-human transmission, and it can be about transmission through contaminated food, so we are talking about a very serious alert that everyone should take into account, especially when we are talking about countries where the outbreak has been officially confirmed.

The ECDC explains the technical details about this outbreak on its website, but since we are talking about spreading from person to person, more care is needed to avoid possible infection between people, especially if we are talking about transmission. Through contaminated food.

The ECDC has published this warning to inform the world about this new danger that has appeared in Europe, but currently its spread is limited, at least based on the data reported by the European organization, unfortunately at this point anything can be done. In the following weeks if the spread continues.

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