East Enters star Jesse Wallace’s company closed after paying $ 40,000 in taxes

East Enters star Jesse Wallace's company closed after paying $ 40,000 in taxes

East Entertainment icon Jesse Wallace’s company paid $ 40,000 in tax arrears.

The 49-year-old actress, who plays Cat Slater in the BBC soap opera, was voluntarily liquidated in 2015 by Thatcher Promotions Limited.

However, the business owes about $ 70,000 in unpaid corporation tax and VAT, which liquidators have been trying to recover since it closed. Mirror.

Jesse, the company’s only director, hired a law firm to make sure his home was charged and refunded.

She paid $ 60,000, paid a large amount of legal fees and paid the liquidator charged to close the business.

Jesse Wallace’s company voluntarily entered into liquidation in 2015

After these fees, $ 27,000 of the total $ 70,000 in tax arrears was paid.

The liquidators’ report shows that Jesse agreed to repay the loan at a rate of $ 1,000 per month but failed to repay regularly.

It read: “Although the installments were agreed to be repaid, unfortunately they were not regular and still needed follow-up.

“So I asked the solicitors to secure the debt and recover the money from her property.”

Jesse Wallace first joined Popular Soap in 2000

The liquidator’s report also states that HMRC may further examine the costs of Thatcher Promotions Limited.

It states: “An unsecured debtor may, with the permission of the court, request further information regarding the remuneration and expenses of the office owners.

“An unsecured debtor may ask the court to question the office owner’s fees and specific costs.”

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The company said it would handle Jesse’s East Enters’ salary.

Jesse’s agent was contacted for comment.

Cat Slater and Alfie Moon were the favorite couple of their fans in the soap

Jesse joined Iconic Soap in 2000 as Alfie Moon’s girlfriend, played by co – star Shane Richie. Her character Cat Slater soon became one of the most popular characters on the show.

Jesse and Shane, who left Soap in 2005, were given a five-year break to return to the screen in 2010.

In 2015, they again appeared on the six-part BBC series Red Water.

In 2018, without Alfie, Jesse returned to the soap as Kate.

Earlier this year, East Enters quit its job for two months following an incident during the filming of the 35th Annual Special.

Bose decided to expel her from the series for two months.

Jesse last week paid tribute to iconic Barbara Windsor, played by legendary landlord Peggy Mitchell, following her 83-year-old death.

Jesse said: “My dear Barbara. I was so shocked to hear that you left us.”

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