East Enter Spoilers: Ian Remains Dead In Violent Revenge Attack

East Enter Spoilers: Ian Remains Dead In Violent Revenge Attack

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If you list the most popular residents of Albert Square, you might find Below Ian Beale (Adam Woodat), below the local traffic warden. The East Entrepreneur businessman is about to push one of his enemies too far away and he is attacked and left to die.

But a lot of people were angry with Beale, who went one step further and made him lifeless in Queen Vic?

After hearing Rainey (Tanya Franks) and Stuart (Ricky Champ) talking to Wiffle Tiffany (Mickey Smith), Ian simply says that Tiffany is planning to play Rainey and Stuart’s tenant in front of the terrified Whitney (Shona McGarty).

Meanwhile, Bobby (Clay Milner Russell) asks Ian to help him choose a winner for the Lucy Beale Award, but as usual he’s too busy, while Suki (Balwinder Sopal) provokes Ian and conspires against him.

Not the best start of the week. The local skimmer finds it even worse because he can’t help or upset others – at least he finds Max Branning (Jackwood) sharing a kiss with Linda (Kelly Bright).

Ian happily warns that he has the upper hand now if Max doesn’t want the whole square to know about the kiss with Linda. Max leaves and plans his revenge.

Tina (Louisa Bradshaw-White) visits Mick (Danny Dyer) and looks disappointed after her day at the care home. She thinks he’s down because he lost Vic. Inspired to solve this for her brother, Tina embarks on a mission to get Ian out of the wick for good.

Bobby prepares for the Lucy Beale Awards Night at The Queen’s Wick. Max retaliates and threatens Ian that he has arranged for Max and that he will not sell the pub but that Ash is going to the kitchen – refund Otherwise he will drive him out of his misery.

Later, when he sees Sharon banking, an idea emerges – what is Ian now?

This is the day of the Lucy Beale Awards Ceremony, and this is a hand-held deck. Bobby struggles to decide who should be given the award, but Ian tells Bobby that he knows who Lucy chose to win. When Bobby gets up to present the award, he makes a speech for his sister and Ian joins.

Bobby Eats Enders

(Picture: BBC)

Linda tells Mick she’s not going to the awards ceremony, and points out how she’s felt recently. Later, Max visits her in the laundry and they go to The Wiki together.

Tina, who is still angry with Ian, tells Shirley what she did, and they are eager to witness Ian’s fall.

Later, the big announcement shocks everyone. Max is worried about why Ian smokes so much, but Ian seems to have finally laughed when he explains what he did.

Ben (Max Bunden) is outraged – no one wants to work with Mitchell after he’s grassroots, and he’s determined to find out who it is.

Ian thinks he’s overtaken Max, but Max sees and plans revenge – how far will he go? Ian, meanwhile, is excited about the Elliott Lucy Beale Award from the Gazette, hoping to write a brilliant article about himself when Ben appears. Police arrive and think Ben is there to talk to him, but Ian arrests them.

Kathy (Gillian Tyforth) rushes to the station to help Ian, but his son Peter (Dale Hudson) is not so careful and tries to convince Bobby that Ian is wrong. Ian immediately blames Kathy for his arrest. Going a long way now, Kathy gives him some hard truths. Is her son’s behavior enough for her in the end? Peter explains to Bobby that they will not be happy until Ian is gone. Bobby sees the meaning in his brother’s words and begins to see who his father really is.


Later, Whitney blamed Ryan Ian for creating suspicion in Tiffany’s mind. Ian bites in revenge – Rainey is upset but Stuart has revenge in his eyes

Tina tells Mick that the pub will be back, but Mick beats Tina – she clearly does not understand what is happening to him. Troubled Tina goes in the direction of The Wick.

Then, everything is still in The Wiki, Ian is lying motionless on the floor, but who attacked him?

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