Earth turns into a tropical region: NASA’s hottest data-day


New Delhi: There is no need for a meteorologist to tell us about the summer sun or the weather in India.

99% of Indians feel that the March we passed was unusually hot and became the hottest April we have ever seen, and that the passing month of May is now head over heels and the sun is shining on our skin. Needle, not like needle.

Well, this is all we have experienced. But is there no data on all of this? Wanted. Who will give. NASA is there. These data, released by the US space agency, reveal the scientific evidence behind our emotional experience as YPA.

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One year after NASA’s satellite, Earth is warming unpredictably.

The phenomenon of global warming is said to have tripled in the last 20 years and is now at its worst.

During the one-year period from March 2021 to February 2022, according to satellite data, NASA discovered that in addition to the overall structure of the Earth, many energies are known to rotate. This is caused by ocean warming, global warming, global warming, glaciers melting, and sea level rise.

According to scientists, the Earth is heating at an unpredictable rate of 1.64 watts (W / m2) per square meter. That is, the earth is warming at the same rate every day as millions of atomic bombs the size of Hiroshima explode.

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For a variety of reasons, the Earth loses its energy balance, leading to global warming. The fact that the Earth’s energy is not in balance clearly explains why there is extra energy in the Earth’s system.

Who is the main accused? The culprit we all know in general is burning a lot of coal.

Burning of coal and other high oil fuels is also an important factor.

But? Mankind is holding out its hands, not knowing where to stop.

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