Earth moves far away from the Sun tomorrow – cold chance

Earth moves far away from the Sun tomorrow - cold chance

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The planets, including the Earth, revolve around the Sun.

The Earth’s circular path around the Sun is a complete circle and has an ellipticity of 0.0167 and a slightly oval shape.

Earth will be farthest from the Sun in a year. It is called Albelion. Earth’s closest approach to the Sun is called perihelion.

Usually starts on July 6th and perihelion on January 2nd every year.

The average distance from the Earth to the Sun is about 150 million kilometers. 152 million km while in the Albelian state. Then when it is at Rehelion, the distance from the Earth to the Sun is 147 million km.

The difference between albelian and perihelion is about 5 million km. When Earth is in Albarion, it is colder than normal.

At this point, Earth will reach Albelion, its furthest point from the Sun this year, tomorrow (Monday 4). It will end on August 22. Albelian program will start at 5.27 am tomorrow.

Accordingly, from tomorrow the earth will be 15 crore 20 lakh, 98 thousand 455 km from the sun and the distance between the sun and the earth will be 9 crore km. But during the Albelian event, 15.20 crore km. The distance increases. About 66 percent increase in distance size.

When the Earth reaches its maximum distance from the Sun, it cools. Body aches, fever, cough and respiratory problems are more likely to occur during the Albelian period.

So it is better to strengthen your immunity with vitamins and other healthy food products, experts say.

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