Earth and Moon in one frame, image taken from a distance of 14 lakh km, that’s how it was possible

An image in which the Earth and the Moon are visible is unique in itself. It was captured by the American space agency NASA’s Lucy spacecraft. As it passed by Earth this month, the probe captured some stunning images of our planet and moon. Now NASA has released these images. According to information, on October 13, 2022, the Lucy spacecraft captured this image of the Earth and the Moon from a distance of 1.4 million kilometers. Although the Earth is clearly visible in the image, the eyes must be slightly strained to see the moon. Lucy also took a photo centered on Earth on October 15.

The Lucy spacecraft was launched on October 26 last year on an Atlas V401 rocket from the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida, USA. The image was captured with the help of the spacecraft’s Terminal Tracing Camera (T2CAM) system. T2CAM is a pair of identical cameras. They are designed to track asteroids that come in front of the spacecraft.

The Lucy spacecraft is an important mission. It set out to visit a belt asteroid and 6 Trojan asteroids. These asteroids follow Jupiter in their orbit around the Sun.

In August this year, the spacecraft spotted an asteroid with its own moon while making an important discovery. The name of this asteroid is Polymel and it is a Trojan asteroid. According to NASA, the spacecraft is on its way to study the early remnants of our solar system’s formation. Asteroids are important for understanding the history of our solar system, NASA said in a statement.

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During the 12-year journey, the Lucy spacecraft will fly by asteroids, according to NASA. It will survey the diversity of our solar system and look for clues that will help us better understand its formation. This is the first mission to study Trojan asteroids. Trojan asteroids are believed to have formed from the same material that formed our solar system about 4 billion years ago.

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