E-cars – countries that make e-car drivers happy

E-cars - countries that make e-car drivers happy

Given the climate crisis, the transition from combustion engines to electric cars is becoming more important. According to a study by “Eurelectric” and EY (Ernst & Young), by 2035 there will be 130 million electric vehicles on the roads in Europe, which will require 65 million charging stations. According to the “Uswitch” index, the Netherlands is currently the best for this. With 24.15 charging stations per 10 km2, the EU country has more than 250 percent more than Luxembourg, which ranks second in this category. The most popular e-car model has an average annual charging cost of €185, with the Dutch leading the pack. Annual charging costs in Turkey are 164 euros.

Croatia ranks second in the index with the best ratio of charging stations to e-vehicles with 1.47 users per charging point. Latvia and Slovakia share third place, with Latvians having the largest share of fast charging stations. However, it needs to catch up in Ireland, which has 13.96 electric vehicles per charging point. Annual charging costs are also the most expensive at €565.

With an index point of 4.76 out of 10, Austria is in 14th place, so only in the middle. However, when it comes to new registrations of electric cars, the Alpine Republic makes it into the top 10. The share is expected to be 40.84 percent in 2035 and 4.53 percent in 2020. The Dutch and Scandinavians are again in the lead in this regard. (Boss)

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