DVD April 2021 Released: Wonder Woman 1984, Disaster, Martha Jane Connery’s Childhood, Soul, Petit Vampire, Amores Irlandice, … (Movie / DVD)

DVD April 2021 Released: Wonder Woman 1984, Disaster, Martha Jane Connery's Childhood, Soul, Petit Vampire, Amores Irlandice, ... (Movie / DVD)

With these 3.0 prisons, the movie has no fountain, so we continue to comfort ourselves as best we can when it comes to something new. These are very rare …

Wednesday, April 7th

Wonder Woman 1984

Production: Patty Jenkins

Scene: After the character created by Patty Jenkins, Jeff Jones, David Kalaham and William Malton Marston

Casting: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wigg, Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright, Pedro Pascal,

Type: Superhero

Duration: 2 h 31 min

VOD output output: 31 Mars 2021

Support: DVD and Blu-ray

Syn Official Summary: The sequel to the adventures of Diana Prince, or Wonder Woman and Amazon, Amazon has become a superheroine in our world. Let’s go back to the 80s after World War I! This time, Wonder Woman has to face two new enemies, especially the powerful Max Lord and Cheetah.

Disaster, the childhood of Martha Jane Connery

Production: Rami tea

Scene: Remy Chai, Sandra Tosello, Fabrice de Costil

Casting (sound): Salome Bolven, Alexandra Lamy, Jochen Hegel,

Type: Animation

Duration: 1 h 22 min

Room Release: October 14, 2020

Support: DVD and Blu-ray

Syn Official Summary: 1863, United States of America. Martha Jane’s father was injured on a trip west in hopes of a better life. She is the one who has to run the family cart and take care of the horses. Studying is hard, yet Martha Jane has never felt so independent. Since it is more practical for horseback riding, she does not hesitate to wear pants. This is very courageous to Abraham, the leader of the Convoy. Martha is forced to flee the theft case. Dressed as a boy, she seeks proof of her innocence, and finds a world under construction where she can assert her unique personality. An adventure full of dangers and encounters, step by step, will reveal the mythical tragedy Jay.

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Friday, April 9th

The soul

Production: Pete Doctor et Kemp Powers

Scene: Contributed by Josh Cooley, Tina Fey, Ronnie Del Carmen, Bob Peterson, Sam Means, Meredith Scardino, Pete Doctor, Mike Jones, Kemp Powers

Casting (sound): Omar C, Kamil Cottin, Ramsey Bedia,

Type: Animation

Duration: 1 m 40 min

Streaming output output: December 25, 2020 at Disney +

Support: DVD and Blu-ray

Syn Official Summary: Joe Gardner, who is passionate about jazz and a college music teacher, finally gets the chance to make his dream come true: to play at the best jazz club in New York. But an unfortunate misconception throws him into the “Great Before” – a great place where new spirits gain their personality, character and uniqueness before being sent to earth. Determined to get his life back, Joe joins 22, an ugly and humorous man who has never realized the desire to lead a human life. Joe, desperately trying to show 22 how great life is, may find answers to the most important questions about the meaning of life.

The film is part of the Cannes 2020 official election.

Wednesday, April 14th

Little Vampire

Production: Joan Zafar

Scene: Based on Joan Zafar and Homonimus comic book by Joan Zafar and Sandrina Jardal

Casting (sound): Louis Lacoste, Camille Cotin, Alex Lutz, Jean-Paul Rowe,

Type: Animation

Duration: 1 m 21 min

Room Release: October 21, 2020

Support: DVD and Blu-ray

Syn Official Summary: The Little Vampire lives in a haunted house with a group of happy monsters, but he’s terribly bored. His dream? Go to school to make friends. But his parents do not listen to him and the outside world is very dangerous. The Little Vampire, along with his faithful bulldog Phantomite, secretly escapes from the mansion with the determination to see the other children. Very soon, he befriends Michelle. But their growing friendship will attract the attention of an old foe named Gibbus, who has been on the path of the Little Vampire and his family for years …

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Thursday, April 15th

Irish love it

Recognition and sScene: John Patrick Shanley, based on his own play Outside Mallinger

Casting: Emily Blunt, Jamie Dornan, John Hamm, Christopher Walken,

Type: Drama

Duration: 1 h 29 min

Support: DVD

Syn Official Summary: Rosemary, an Irish farmer, had been in love with her neighbor Antony all her life. But he never realized it. Meanwhile, Antony’s father plans to sell the family farm to his American son – in – law.

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