During the floods in Germany, a Brazilian family spends the night on the roof with their neighbors: ‘I lived a terrible life’

Rio – a Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in Germany today From Thursday to Friday night, it caused huge losses to Brazilians Marcela Amandio, Lucas Spader and their daughter Olivia, 7 years old. Residents of the first floor of a house in the town of Bad Nunahr Ahwheeler, whose property quickly sank into the water and reached the waist, Marcela was still trying to preserve important documents and belongings. Eventually, even the second-floor neighbor’s apartment was flooded, forcing everyone to spend the night on the roof, wrapped in damp blankets, and doing nothing to avoid the cold. One Kitty Online To help rebuild the house, it raised more than $ 10,000.

“I lived in fear,” Lucas explained. – For the first time in my life I was really scared.

Disaster:More than 120 deaths due to rains in Europe, leaders warn of climate change

Lucas, who has lived in Germany for a year, has never seen anything like it before, and by 11pm it was reported that the rain was really heavy. At the time, he was working at a restaurant opposite his building where he had a wife and daughter. When there was a commotion inside the place, the boy noticed something strange and he was frightened by what he saw outside.

“I ran away.” My wife was awake. He gave me the keys to his car and I tried to find a higher place to leave it, but it was not there, so I left it in a parking lot and ran to my house.

Marcella said the two were asleep at first when it rained, but at 10pm she woke up to a neighbor knocking on the door and then asked her to keep the car in a safe place and pick up the essentials. To the top.

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– Everything was so fast. Neighbors picked up my daughter and took her upstairs. The water had entered the house as soon as we saw it. I left the house, the water up to my waist. I tried to pick up as much stuff as I could. I fell and cut my leg, but it was okay. We went upstairs and the water did not stop rising. Through God’s intercession, we were able to climb the roof through the gutter pipe, which did not break. It was a supernatural force, “said Marcella.

It was during this attempt to save the most important objects that Lucas arrived home from the rain. When they sought refuge in the neighbor’s house, they noticed the rising water and had no choice but to seek refuge on the roof.

“I was able to save some household items and documents, so we went upstairs to the neighbor’s apartment. The water just went up and we reached her apartment where we were staying. Our chance was to climb on the roof. Then we climbed through the water tough pipe. It was my neighbor, then her boyfriend. My daughter was sleeping. When I woke up, she was scared. I do not want to leave home crying a lot. Then I was able to climb my daughter (to the roof). Then my wife. I finally got on, ”Lucas reported. “We got some covers, but they were wet. We were very cold in the morning.

From conversations with former residents of the city, Lucas learned that the area had been flooded in 2016, but had not seen anything with serious repercussions since 1910.

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To rebuild their home, the Brazilian family has an online kit at the initiative of Marcela’s family, which has already raised more than $ 10,000. Plans are to move to another residence, but although this is not possible, they are staying with Brazilian friends in the area.

– Even when we saw it (in the amount collected) did not believe. They are really special people – thanks to Lucas. – (We mean) Change places for sure, but now it’s hard. Now, I have two Brazilian families here, the Italians and the Germans who helped me and helped me a lot.

As for his workplace restaurant, Lucas is confident that the venture will return.

– For the time being we know nothing (about what will happen to the restaurant). But he will rise again. It used to be a fire, and it will definitely go through this.

More than 120 people were killed in the lightning. The worst affected countries are Germany and Belgium

Before this Heavy rains in Germany, Belgium and the NetherlandsEuropean officials have warned of the need to engage in the fight against global warming to prevent similar disasters. More than 120 people have died in the rains, leaving the vast majority of West Germany 1,300 unaccounted for, the region’s worst climate disaster in more than a century.

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The Bad Nuner-Ahwheiler district, south of the state capital, Cologne, said in a post on its Facebook page that more than 1,300 people were missing. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Floods, landslides, rivers overflowing, cities invaded, houses destroyed, cars smashed, trees uprooted, and public buildings destroyed. European Commission President Ursula von Der Lane told reporters that this was a clear signal of urgent need.

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