During the dancing murmur, these stars seem to recreate a giant bird.

During the dancing murmur, these stars seem to recreate a giant bird.

The murmur of birds always gives attractive pictures. Two Irish people recently experienced this by attending an amazing show.

This is a moment of pure grace because sometimes only nature can give us!

In one voice last week, thousands of starlings crossed Ireland’s Loughnell Lake and looked like a giant bird in the sky.

James Crombie, the ancestral witness of this magnificent scene, and Colin Hogg, two Irish photographers, did not hesitate to immortalize the scene.

Photo credit: phinphojames

This murmur of starlings gives the illusion that a giant bird is forming in the sky

This murmur, worthy of dancing to the nearest millimeter, was the first to have the opportunity to take an accurate shot at the exact moment a bird was formed, and one would swear it was an albatross.

While his friend was trying to take the most beautiful picture of all time, Colin Hogg filmed this amazing ballet so as not to miss anything from the show.

Posted on YouTube, the video (seen at the top of the article) goes viral quickly and never ceases to amaze internet users.

As for the photo, it was taken over by the Irish Times, a popular local newspaper that is almost believed to be a montage, which made its front page on March 4th.

For the record, you should know that James Crombie is no stranger to the small world of photography, as PPAI (Association Press Photographers from Ireland) recently won the award for Best Press Photographer of the Year.

Justified by his undeniable abilities!

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