Dunwood ranks second in Germany in the category of professionals

Dunwood ranks second in Germany in the category of professionals

OBERNKIRCHEN. The fact that a coach was a successful athlete does not hurt in football. However, members of the Schamberg Golf Club know that golf instructors perform better than their professional counterparts. Michael Dunwood finished second at PGA Pro Day in Hamburg last week, just two strokes worse than tournament champion Dennis Myros after 36 holes.


That’s why Dunwood gets so many compliments on Oberkirchen. Organized by the Professional Golf Association of Germany (PGA), golf instructors regularly meet to participate in their own tournaments. The Golf and Country Club in Hamburg-Trഡdelberg initially had regular golfers, often with international roots, such as Ireland, South Africa or Great Britain, and Downwood. He played three birdies in the first round in Hamburg. In the second race, he won four times.

A birdie means that the specified path (para) can play well with the respective path, which means it slows down with one stroke. In the first round, Downwood needed 72 strokes, which of course was exactly what he needed, so on average he played equally well in each hole – amateurs could not even fully think. In the second race he reduced the need for space by three strokes and pushed himself to the stage and took the prize money from Hamburg.

Was he angry that this was not enough to win the tournament? “There’s no way,” says Michael Dunwood. “I’m really happy.” He seems to be on fire for the PGS Pro Day series. Entered the follow-up tournaments at the Braunfels Golf Club (June 14-15) and the Hardenburg Golf Club (July 12). “That’s why I’m away for a moment,” he explains to golf students in Oberkirchen.

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