Dundalk 2-4 Arsenal; Another goal for the Gunners

Dundalk 2-4 Arsenal;  Another goal for the Gunners

With another great win, Arteta Gunners closes Group B. The final result, Dandalk-Arsenal 2-4, once again showed the great talents of the young players on the London team.

Where does this arsenal go?

Arteta’s Arsenal added another pearl to their 5 wins in the Europa League tonight, reaching 6 and finishing Group B with 18 points from 18 available. The question is legitimate and everyone is wondering where this team can go, once again proving to be one of the strongest and most complete in the tournament.

Dundalk (3-4-2-1): Rogers, Hoare, Boyle (46 ° Gartland), Cleary, Ganon (54 Mount Mountain), Shields, Flores, Lehi, McLenny, Duffy, Macmillan (54 ° Kelly). Everything. Keegan.

Arsenal (4-4-2): Runnerson, Camber, Mare, Mustafi, Cedric, Smith (77 ° Cotrell), Mightland-Niles, Elneni (62 ° Ceballos), Willock (83 ° Aziz), Neketia (62 Bolognese), Pepe. Everything. Arteta.


The first half

With no specific goals, everyone has already decided on this challenge for Arsenal and Dundak, where both teams play only for honor. The result was a very active game full of scoring opportunities.

The Gunners got off to a strong start, taking the lead only 12 minutes later; Receiving the ball in the area, he sees the goalkeeper looking slightly from the posts and hits him with a lobe. At the age of 18 the guests feel a double whammy, with Smith Rowe serving Elneni with a shot that Rogers could not stop! Dandalk-Arsenal 0-2, Gunners presenting a show!

El Niനിo, with the missile, doubled Arsenal’s lead on the 18th.

The game is beautiful, the host opens it again on the 22nd; Excellent Irish team work with Duffy freed Flores. The midfielder throws the ball to the bottom of the bag to the left of the opposing goalkeeper.

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Both teams continue to attack, but have no excellent scoring opportunities in the first half of the match. 45 minutes later the Gunners took a 1-2 lead over Ireland.

Dantalk-Arsenal 1-2 all-interval.

Second half

Arsenal continue to handle the challenge in the second half, ending the match in the 67th minute. With the help of Bolognese, who entered within 5 minutes, Willow scored 1-3 and headed the ball.

Dantalk-Arsenal 1-3 after Willock’s goal.

Bologna, ranked 80th, also ends up on the list of scorers. Dandalk-Arsenal 1-4, another match Ardetta’s team remotely dominated.

Pride of the hosts reducing the distance with Hora to 85 minutes.

A goal is not allowed at Arsenal due to Chambers’ offside in the recovery. Thus the challenge ends with Dantalk-Arsenal scoring 2-4.

Race table

Result: Dandalk 2-4 Arsenal.

Markettory: 12 ° Neketia (A), 18 ° Elneni (A), 22 Flores (D), 67 ° Willow (A), 80 ° Bolognese (A).

Ammonities: Boyle (D), Soros (A), Willock (A), Mountaine (D), Cleary (D), Shields (D9, Kelly (D)).

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