Dublin restrictions: COVID-19 ‘out of control’ if not acted upon, warns Philip Nolan

Dublin restrictions: COVID-19 'out of control' if not acted upon, warns Philip Nolan

NPEET expert warns that corona virus could get out of control in Dublin without action.

Professor Philip Nolan said people are misreading the prevalence of COVID-19 in restaurants and bars.

Ministers are debating whether to ban indoor dining in Dublin in the next few weeks – a restriction beyond limits ‘Level Three’ Guidelines The outline was given earlier this week.

An announcement on the action is expected this evening.

Three clusters of COVID-19 recorded official data in pubs and restaurants across the country last week.

However, Professor Philip Nolan commented that even though explosions are rare, asking why they are closed is a misreading and misinterpretation of data.

He said people could take COVID-19 in one of those settings, but do not start spreading it for four or three days.

Community transmission cases

The NPETE model said that settings like bars, restaurants and gyms are where people actually take the virus – but that is not reflected in the figures.

He said: “We know that at least a third of Dublin is a community transmission.

“Where does this happen? Wherever we are socially involved: our homes, gyms, bars, restaurants. Sadly, we know the disease will get out of control if we do not stop mixing in these settings.”

Professor Nolan also warned that public health officials do not have the resources to find the source of community transmission cases.

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He said: “Our public health colleagues will find the source if they have the resources for it, but they do not. Priority should be given to dealing with cases, explosions and subsequent broadcasts.”

Main image: File photo of Professor Philip Nolan. Picture: Sam Ball / Rolling News

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