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Dublin pubs are asking the government to allow it to reopen next week

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The Dublin public is urging the government to reopen pubs scheduled for September 21.

Despite the rise in COVID-19 cases in Dublin, many Dubliners are urging the government to reopen pubs as scheduled on September 21.

The Licensed Winters Association (LVA) claimed that the government should focus on home storage, meat factories and direct resources in response to the increase in cases of the virus.

Of the 255 new COVID-19 cases reported yesterday, 156 came from Dublin.

Speaking Newstock breakfast This morning, LVA Chief Executive Donald O’Keefe said the group is asking the government to stick to its decision on the reopening date.

He explained: ‘The cabinet announced last Tuesday that all pubs would reopen on September 21 – the fourth scheduled reopening date in wet pubs.’

‘On that date, they will be closed for 189 days – more than six months. These pubs have made no contribution to the level of infection in Dublin or Ireland – these pubs have been closed since March 15 as per government directives. They were not a factor here. ‘

Mr O’Keefe added: “The real issue seems to be housing, meat factories and direct resources – that’s where we believe the NPIT and the government should turn their attention.”

He added that his pub visitors, their families, their distributors and staff deserve the opportunity to live with COVID (19) and business.

While many pubs are still open, they all need to be served food with drinks instead of drinking on their own.

One thing is for sure: in the current climate it is a very difficult time to engage in business.

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