Dublin City Hall on Dam Street • Guide Ireland.com

Dublin City Hall on Dam Street • Guide Ireland.com

Dublin City Hall is a municipal building in Dublin. Located on Dam Street, it was probably built between 1769 and 1779 and was designed by architect Thomas Cooley. The imposition was once used as a kind of trade exchange by the merchants of the city. It was there that the traders and industrialists of the day met. It is now the official seat of Dublin City Council.

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A tall government building

While not one of Dublin’s most iconic buildings, Dublin’s City Hall is a must-visit if you want to appreciate its neo-classical architecture.

Needless to say, this building brings together all the features of this category: pediments, colonnades, capitals with carved ornaments … not to mention stucco plasterwork and its white Portland stone. A style reminiscent of GPO (the famous General Post Office is located in Dublin, but on the corner of O’Connell Street).

Inside, there is a central entrance hall with a large cupboard. It is supported by twelve columns, surrounded by an ambulance spread by merchants.

The whole thing is majestic and monumental … we are not surprised to hear ourselves whispering inside the building, so much so that it calls us to the silence and majesty of the place.

Today, the building is used for meetings of Dublin City Council and City Council.

Note that this site is not actually open to tourists. But you can go inside to admire the beautifully constructed dome.

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