Dublin Airport to prevent cars from boarding passengers outside terminals

Dublin Airport to prevent cars from boarding passengers outside terminals

Airport operator DAA is seeking planning permission to establish a new paid drop-off and pick-up zone at Dublin Airport to reduce car travel in and out of the facility and to prevent private drivers from taking passengers outside the terminals.

The new paid drop-off and pick-up zones approved by the Fingal County Council will operate in front of Terminal One and Terminal Two, and will not be introduced during the Covid-19 crisis phase.

Under the plans, the DAA will change the layout of the internal road layout and install new lanes and barriers at the main airport exit.

Currently, private cars are allowed to land in front of both terminals at Dublin Airport, but private vehicles are not allowed. A DAA spokesman said the current system has been abused by some for years, with cars illegally stopping for pick-ups or circling campus roads several times before picking up a person.

Although the DAA has not decided what rates will be implemented in the new set-up area, figures from Cork Airport, where similar activity is taking place, should be noted. There, the first 15 minutes are generated. A driver pays -20 3 for 16-20 minutes, € 5 for 21-30 minutes, € 10 for 31-60 minutes and € 20 for 61-120 minutes. Anyone who stays longer than 121 minutes can grab or pull their car.

A similar plan exists at Belfast International Airport, which charges a dollar per driver for up to 10 minutes on the drop-off route but costs more to stay. Parking for pickups at Dublin Airport starts at € 3.

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Sustainability initiatives

The DAA said the new system aims to reduce car travel to and from the airport and to encourage passengers to use public transport more. All proceeds will be invested in sustainable ventures at the airport, including the conversion of a dedicated solar farm, its car park and staff shuttle bus ships from diesel to low-emission vehicles, and the installation of more electric vehicle charging points.

The spokesman added that the new system would not be put in place during the outbreak but would be operational as soon as the project gets approval from the planning authorities. It will be more efficient to complete the construction work during the current recession in the number of passengers as it will disrupt the airport road network.

Additionally, the drop-in generic drop-off and pick-up options continue to be available at the Express Red Long Term Car Park. In addition to passenger terminals, Dublin Airport’s short-term car parks will have a new 30-minute parking period.

New toll booths will accept toll tags, cards and payments.

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