Dubai unveiled

Dubai unveiled

On March 2, 2013, Andrea and Fabiano Valeli cut the ribbon of the giant bingo hall decorated with Swarovski sofas and other luxuries and presented it as their own. In fact, they appeared to be the owners of the face. The companies that owned the Dubai Palace became part of Scanzani and captured everything with the Babylonian operation.

Valellis changed his atmosphere and moved to Ticino, Switzerland, where he opened four clothing companies. Meanwhile, social media profiles indicate that business is still going on in Dubai. Only an unfulfilled dream remains, politics: Fabiano Vallelli was the mayoral candidate for Guidonia with PD, but Babylonia stopped running. Valellis, who arrived by email, did not respond to a request for comment.

On the other hand, the skyline of Burj Khalifa smells of moss bribery. According to an episode of the May 2018 report, some Venetian entrepreneurs have bought eight mega luxury apartments there, for a total of 8.5 million euros, and part of the money will go to the bribe received by Giancarlo Galen. “I have only been to Dubai once,” he denied. As reported by Courier del Veneto, Paduo accountant Paulo Venuti, who was arrested during the Moss investigation for allegedly being the head of some gallon deposits abroad behind the operation, discussed two sentences and walked out. Age, his partner Guido Credo. In 2019, I think he would have helped shoe entrepreneur Damiano Pipinato to invest millions of euros in real estate in Dubai, hidden from the tax authorities. according to Gazetino, Pipinato would have invested 33 million euros in real estate in Dubai, yet without appearing formally. Was the figurehead Franco Cassell Romy (Never investigated), an operator in the sector in the United Arab Emirates and a relative of accountant Credo (wife is his cousin). The Leakage Today he tells us that Casale Rome owns seven buildings located in the Jumeirah Village Circle, the office skyscraper known as “HQ” – the most unique neighborhood in Dubai, built like an amphitheater. Some of the Castle Rome apartments in the headquarters are between 100 and 200 square meters in size, each costing between 400,000 and 700,000 euros. Castle Rome has an apartment of 100 square meters in Ocean Heights, valued at at least 300 thousand euros, another as The Pad Skyscraper and Canal View in Business Bay. When asked by Irpimedia if the property belonged to him or to Pipinato, Casale Romy did not respond.

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One of the youngest Italian property owners in Dubai is Italian Stephen Steinkeller from Bresson, South Tyrol, who owns an environmental sustainability consultancy agency with two brothers, according to their website.

All three stain killers are under investigation for alleged OneCoin cryptocurrency fraud. In September 2021, a Bolzano court convicted 14 South Tyroleans and Venetians of fraud and illegal financial intermediation. They include Steinkeller and his two brothers. Defendants would recruit others to deposit their money in Onecoin. According to the findings of Guardia di Finance in Brunico, 3,700 South Tyroleans have invested a total of five million euros in Onecoin. Globally, the damage caused by corruption ranges from $ 1.8 billion to $ 4 billion. Ruja Ignatova, a Bulgarian who founded OneCoin in 2014, is believed to have designed the scam after being convicted of fraud in Germany in 2012. Ignatova could not be found anywhere. Steinkeller did not respond to Irpimedia’s request for comment. In Dubai, according to LeakageStainkeller bought two apartments worth about two million euros.

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