Drought has brought back the charming ancient island of the Middle Ages near the largest Irish lake.

Drought has brought back the charming ancient island of the Middle Ages near the largest Irish lake.

An exciting discovery has been made near Ireland’s most important lake: an artificial medieval island has emerged after a drought.

The drought, Caused by record heatwaves, it affects not only our country but various parts of the world. Many hidden treasures emerge from dried-up rivers and ponds (and entire cities that have been buried for centuries). The last extraordinary discovery took place Northern Ireland, Near Lough Neagh, the largest lake in the British Archipelago.

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Here in recent days members of the Loup & District Historical Society have come across an ancient artificial island built in the Middle Ages. In this area, intense heat caused an entire marsh south of Londonderry to dry up, an Irish town also known as the Maiden City, and thus a crannog that would have been built by the Celts came to light.

I Crannogs (whose word comes from Old Irish Crannog referring to tree) are nothing but artificial trunks made for human habitation.

In most cases, these structures are made of wood or clay, but one that has just been discovered is made of stone, which has piqued the curiosity of archaeologists. According to experts from the Loup & District Historical Society, the island was not inhabited by commoners but was designed for rulers.

“We believe it was the site of the most important kings of the time,” Sean Corey of the Loup Historical Society told the BBC. But learning more about that ancient island and its role will have to await further studies.

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Sources: Loup & District Historical Society/BBC

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