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DRK Volanda wants proposal for educational equity / guest school residence law on student exchanges – Economy & Volkswagen – News

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Wiesbaden (ots) – “Staying abroad while still at school is a valuable part of a successful individual educational biography. But a student exchange is valuable for society as a whole: by creating the basis for young people to better understand our globalization. It contributes to world peace and international understanding,” of the German Red Cross in Hesse. says Peter Battenberg, managing director of subsidiary Volanda. However, Volanda complains that long-term individual student exchanges are largely reserved for students attending grammar school. In many cases, children from other types of schools and children from economically weaker families are excluded from this experience.

The basis of equal opportunity is the law

An important step on the way to greater educational equality in this area would therefore be the law on public financing of student exchanges. As a basis for this, Volanda commissioned a legal expert opinion: “Public Administration” in the latest issue of the Public Law and Administrative Science Journal, Prof. Dr. Wolfram Kremer, Chair of Public Law and European Law at Ruhr University Bochum, has drawn up a proposal for full state funding of long-term individual student exchanges. The purpose of this law is to allow as many school children in Germany as possible to attend a school abroad for a few months. The legal scholar concludes: “The passing of a law on quality and generally accessible guest school accommodation is almost inevitable for educational and socio-political reasons and to ensure equal opportunities.”

Commitment to educational equity

The constitutional report is just one of many initiatives Volanda wants to achieve to achieve educational justice and equal opportunities in student exchange. For example, the model project “Education Without Borders” aims to enable 60 school children from low-income families to spend twelve months abroad over three years. At the same time, scientific studies need to be conducted to see if this increases the educational opportunities of these children. The first voyages as part of the project are planned for August 2023.

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Publication of the report by Prof. Wolfram Kremer, quality-based guest school law for living abroad can be found at

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