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Dream years: Ireland of the Trap

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We are doomed, but we should be proud that we are great France“. Robbie Keane End France-Ireland.

These are the words of the Irish captain at the end of one of the most controversial matches in the history of modern football, but let’s go in order. And the February 2008 After failing to access the European Championship, the Irish Federation decides it is time to change the trend in recent years. Despite having the best players, the main tournament that came last 2002 World Cup Then many bitter disappointments and lost qualifications. The turning point is radical and takes the name of one of the most successful coaches in history: Giovanni Trapatoni. The combination that created the most of Trap And from Irish folklore It immediately arouses great curiosity and sympathy in everyone Europe. Around Dublin There is a feeling that eventually something may change.

The impact of the trap

The legendary Italian coach will soon take over the team and make a strategic impression of a higher level than his predecessors. The goal is to achieve 2010 World Cup in South Africa But the road is steep. I. in the qualifying round Green boys It was foundItaly Current champion, as well as competitive formations Bulgaria And newborn Montenegro.

After a good start with counter wins Georgia E Cipro, Men Trap Continue to score important points for the race to the World Cup until the match on April 1, 2009. A. Barry Aware of the newly discovered strength, the Irish snatch a deserving equal in the final. Long throw Provided by Head Bank Fallan And the bomber Keane It is supported on the net. A goal that is more Irish and more representative of that spirit. L ‘Italy Despite the initial gains, the world champion was forced to struggle innumerable times at home in an entire match. Equinta.

The first bad signs

By scoring 4 more points in the next two away matches, you will return with the match Assuri. The downside is that the two games from the end are 4 points, but there is a realization that you can win and dream of the last Thriller day.

Al Croc Park They introduce themselves 70 thousand The Irish are ready to support their captains for more than 90 minutes. The game is tense with very high stakes, but after 8 minutes it is already a riot on the stand: Lawrence Supports a sentence Whelan A meteorite starts from outside the area and explodes at the intersection. Happiness does not last long because of a master corner Pirlo Well done with the title Cameronaceae. The match continues to be played on a tightrope, only a free kick can unlock it: 88 minutes when Hunt He takes a great freekick, in which he jumps Sean St. Ledger. 24-year-old defender Middlesbrough Thus marking his first goal in the national team and party Croc Park Has begun.

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But no. The dreams of 70,000 people were shattered by an indescribably counter-attack. Lack of experience is what many people think, or perhaps fate, but the fact is Gillardino It was found Draw in 91 minutes Provides direct access South Africa I. Assuri. Slight relief for the team Trap That’s it with this point Second place Guaranteed, and access to it Continental playoffs.

Great corruption

Lottery play off Very unfortunate: the opponent is there France World Vice Champion but he has worked hard a lot lately. November arrives, playing the first quarter Dublin. Great support from the public and aIreland With unity they put someone in great trouble France Confused. At the center of the criticism, in fact, CT Raymond Domenek, Despite the availability of the best players, he is challenged by different choices and a lack of real game identity. The race was very tense and tiring, but in the end the French won. Anelka Al 72.

However, Trapatoni and his team realize that they have given someone a hard time France Dream of a return of epic proportions on the card above. After four days the dream seems to come true. In fact, a ride in the 33rd minute of the return leg Damien Duff At the end of a good coral activity, he ends up with an aid Robbie Keane No one can make a mistake from the center of the area. It is 1-1 in total France Gives the impression of being mentally weak. The game will continue until extra time when the unexpected happens. In the confusing action in the Irish penalty area Theory Henry The ball is carried forward by the hand that helps it to pass through the middle Gallas. CentralArsenal An unprotected goal marks a qualifying goal France. Everything Stade de France They saw the naked hand ball except for the referee Martin Hanson. It is impossible to comment on the finalIreland; The impact is huge and the dream disappears.

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There will be heavy statements in the coming days Traptony It requires slow motion on the pitch and is officially prescribed by the Irish Federation FIFA From Play the game again. Pure Henry He would agree, but did not allow this opportunity, and the French would go inside South Africa, Where they will play one of the worst World Cup Of their history.

The Great Revenge

The unfortunate facts of this play off They will soon be traveling around the worldIreland Enjoy greater respect and sympathy in football than ever before. Elimination was a heavy blow, but the first indication of recovery is a downward renewal Traptony That salaries are declining. The goal is to achieveEuropean From In 2012, Ukraine and Poland. The road is long and winding and has really hard fields and transfers. More than surprising Slovakia Of World Cup, I’Ireland Direct accessEuropean. Also home defeat Russia That will be crucial for another second final place.

This time the draw is more luck as an opponentEuropean That is surprising Estonia Reached behindItaly. However, it does mean the vertical growth seen in these three yearsIreland You become more mature and prepare for the significance of this challenge. TO Tallinn In fact a massacre is taking place: 4-0 without noise With a brace Robbie Keane And the discovery of a new Stryker who is experienced in betting a lot in the future Jonathan Walters. Back to this Dublin It’s a party. After the hardships and tensions caused by the lack of access, there were 90 minutes of chants and celebrations. Global With a 1-1 Final Which qualifiesIreland All Europe After 24 years.

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A happy epilogue

Polish streets will be filled with fans next summer. It will not be an unforgettable tournament in terms of results, butIreland The important thing is to get back into football. Comes with three defeats Croatia, Spain E Italy But who knows the great experience. Only the goals of such great champions Mansukik E Balotelli Defeat the men of Trap Football lessons were included in the balanced matches 0-4 with Spain The inspiration from it is the same.

The Irish people finally got what they deserved Traptony The one who achieves the last and perhaps the most exciting achievement. Therefore National A cycle of excellence will open European in 2016 With Martin O’Neill On the bench before a physiological generation change. Trapatoni-Ireland, A mad correspondence written in judgment; Maybe it’s not a coincidence Trap Born St. Patrick’s Day.

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