Dream of becoming a space powerhouse – 3 weeks to Noori’s second launch

Dream of becoming a space powerhouse - 3 weeks to Noori's second launch


On the day of North Korea’s missile launch, we finalized the launch date of Noori, the first freely developed space launch vehicle.

Unfortunately, last year, in the final stages, we were unable to upload the satellite.

June 15, just three weeks before the second launch.

Reporter Bay Ju-hwan covered it.

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3 weeks left.

On June 15, Nuri-ho again challenges the universe.

It has been 8 months since the first launch was half successful.

During the first launch, the projectile moved well, but in the final stages, the satellite failed to reach orbit.

The fasteners of the helium tank were loosened and the liquid oxygen touched the tank, thus reducing the ignition time of the third stage.

So this time we have designed a helium tank that can withstand 1.5 times the estimated load.

[안상일/한국항공우주연구원 책임연구원]
“The first goal is to test how accurately a Korean launch vehicle can distinguish between satellites in space.”

The first launch was a fake satellite weighing 1.5 tons, but the second launch also sent actually working satellites.

First, it sends a 130-kilogram satellite that can send and receive signals to and from the ground base.

It launches four ultra-small satellites that can be held in one hand, performing the same function of fine dust observation.

The graduate students built it themselves, thanks to the second launch of the Noori spacecraft, which had the opportunity to upload it into space.

[강대은/연세대학교 천문우주학과 박사과정]
“This is a satellite that monitors the flow of dust over the western seas of the Korean Peninsula. It is equipped with a camera that captures an area of ​​400 km x 400 km.”

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The United States, Russia, Europe, Japan, China, and India are among the countries that have launched more than 1 ton of satellites using their own technology.

If successful, South Korea will become the seventh country to do so.

This is Bay Ju-hwan from MBC News.

Video Editing: Ann June-Hooke

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