“Dragon Man” will be our closest cousin

L'évolution de l'Homme implique bien plus qu'une seule lignée, la récente définition de l'espèce Homo longi en est la preuve. © adrenalinapura, Fotolia

‘S fossil skull Dragon Man A new itemHomo It overturns the phylogeny of the human race and shakes the position of the Neanderthals as the closest relative of modern man.

It has been housed in the Geoscience Museum in Hebei University, China for 90 years. This one Skull Fossil Discovered in the northeastern Chinese city of Harbin in the 1930s. This human skull is a new species known as hominin Researchers of three published articles The Innovation Scientifically named Most More commonly Dragon Man.

According to Qiang Ji, professor of paleontology at Hebei University Geo Harbin fossils exhibit exceptional protection It is one of the most complete fossils left of the human skull. Therefore, this fossil contains valuable mutations that help us to understand the evolution of the genus. Homo As well as its origin H. Zappians.

A new item: Most

Harb’s skull may of course contain The brain Their size is comparable to that of modern human brains. On the other hand, it presents Eye sockets Large, almost square, thick brow bones and very large teeth. It shares hereditary and human-derived characters, but they did not allow researchers to attribute them to a single species, which is why they define new species. H.

The skull of a man who lived in the woods and flood atmosphere in a small community in the fifties. Based on this data and the estimated large size H, The research team points out that members of this species had to adapt to harsh environments, which allowed them to be scattered throughout Asia. According to Sijun Ni, a primatologist and paleontologist H In some ways, there was a similar lifestyle H. Zappians Because he hunted mammals and birds and collected fruits and vegetables.

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Our closest cousin?

Geochemical analyzes determined that the skull Dragon Man Date at least 146,000 years ago, a favorable period Human migration. The authors of the study suggest that this may be the case H And H. Zappians Met during this period. To date, figures from paleoanthropologists have indicated that By Neanderthals She was our closest cousin on the human record. However, it refers to new reconstructions of human phylogeny H. Neanderthalensis And H. Zappians Would have deviated from a million years ago, Or 400,000 years before it was founded in the literature. The place of the closest relative of H. Zappians Attributed so far By Neanderthals So let’s come back H.

Examination of the skull Dragon Man It promises to re-examine the evolutionary relationships between living things and the human population. However, many questions remain unanswered HRelated to them Length The survival of this species as well as possible interventions H. ZappiansIt may have influenced our history.

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