Draghi government, de Batista: ‘FI ministers? Immoral ‘. Lessie: ‘Back to Rousseau’. Brescia: ‘Our Conditional Support’

Draghi government, de Batista: 'FI ministers?  Immoral '.  Lessie: 'Back to Rousseau'.  Brescia: 'Our Conditional Support'

Alessandro de Batista Remember the Berlusconians Read Advertising personality. Senator Barbara Lessie A new vote is required Rousseau. Chairman of the Chamber’s Constitutional Affairs Committee, Giuseppe Brescia, Speaking “Conditional Support”. Mario Draghi’s government inauguration day, filters different positions from the ranks of the 5 star movement, When he was the founder Bepe Grillo Back to listen on his site: “Today you have to choose here or there”, Writes the guarantor of the movement. The theory of a joint meeting is yet to be officially announced, though it is expected in the next few hours. To inform senators, Group Leader Ettore Lychee, Because Friday was a political leader Veto cream Would fail, some senators sayAdcronos, Board Request a Urgent meeting. On Friday evening, after announcing the list of ministers, a message of goodwill came from M5’s Facebook account to the four grillins included in the new executive. A desire stretched to the newSuper Minister ”for the environment Environmental change, Roberto Cingolani. “A profile and result that we strongly wanted. To act now ”. According to some sources in the movement, Bepe Grillo He would have been particularly pleased with the appointment of Sincolani, who, according to the same sources, would have suggested himself to Draghi.

“It is immoral to appoint Berlusconians as ministers in public law” – However, the day the new executive is sworn in, someone raises their nose. De Batista, who has already changed after the voting result on the Rousseau platform, is the first to be heard. “I will no longer speak on behalf of the movement,” he declared Alessandro de Batista, The day the base green flag was given to the government of Mario Draghi. The day the new executive is sworn in Quirinal, With the presence of four ministers in the M5s, de Batista returns to listen with a post on his Facebook page. An Interior Targeting Forces Italia Explosives: Renato Brunetta, Mara Carfagna e Mariastella Gelmini. Remember the respective political contexts. All three were last ministers Berlusconi Government, A government we remember above all else Read ad-personality, Or (partially successful) attempt “Redirect“Institutions that need to include them in the service of a political leader,” writes the former M5 deputy. “In 2008 – he continues – approved in three cabinets Lodo AlfanoBill passed by Parliament on that day. Lodo Alfano helped create an original Criminal armor For the top four offices in the state. In short, a provision that violates the principle of equality of citizens before the law. He was clearly expelled to save Berlusconi from trial. Well I found out More immoral than politicians who spend time (Hence public money) not to care for the country, but to solve the judicial problems of their leader, so that they can still play such important roles. Let me be clear, everyone can make mistakes. However, all three never apologized for the neglected rules (among other things) Lodo Alfano Came Rejected by the Constitutional Court) Never distanced themselves from their party and founders, despite very serious inquiries (many of which were related to the Mafia) and final sentences. “

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“Dragos are responsible for electing ministers” – D. Batista puts his hands forward. “I know, there’s been a lot of talk lately about Lodo Alfano, the legal hurdle, and Motion Ruby. Recently, however. Yesterday everything changed. Days ago I talked about ‘renovation institution’. Today I look back 12 years. Journalony until 24 hours ago Excellent governmentToday, they changed the line. They are now trying to advance the idea of ​​‘poor dragi’ who are forced to give in to the needs of the parties and their currents. It doesn’t work like this! The prime minister is responsible for selecting ministers. Through these names he loses his holiness and returns to a simple blessing ”. The former M5s deputy explains: “As public opinion becomes more detailed, Draghi’s election as director of the treasury and governor of the Bank of Italy will be more detailed. ECB PresidentMaybe he will be considered just a mortal. Its strengths and weaknesses. Someone who makes decisions. Sometimes irrational but often villainous and detrimental to the public interest. From time to time, ”he concludes.

Lacey asks for a new vote in Russia – If de Batista no longer speaks on behalf of the movement, the case of Lacey, a former minister and official senator in office, is different. “This morning – he wrote on Facebook – along with some colleagues, I sent an email to the Chief Politician, the Guarantee Committee and the Guarantee. Goution consultation dell’11 / 02/21 No response found In the formation of the new government. No super ministry The subject of the question must have anticipated the merger between MICE and the Ministry of the Environment. We ask him to come immediately New consultation called. In the absence of feedback, it is clear that there is no vote of confidence to respect the majority of members.

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Senators and deputies who do not – In practice, Lacey declares that some MPs are ready to vote for confidence in the Conte government. Like Senator Emmanuel Desse: “However, this morning everything is very clear and allows me to say with certainty that I will not vote for the Draghi government. For the next few hours there will be a way to discuss the reasons for this election together. “Another elected official in the Palazzo Madama, Margarita Corrado, is arguing over the presence. Dario Francescini. “It’s human to make mistakes, but perseverance is paradoxical, and Franceschini Terin, who re-admitted the M5S, can not stand it. He will have the support of my group (!), And when he completes the distortion of the department, no one before him has been severely harmed, a paradox not heard for a country like Italy. He will not be mine. Let me make it clear that I do not feel betrayed by anyone; If anything, it’s the opposite. ” In the chamber, rebel Andrea Colette explains that she does not vote for faith in government: “I believe that if we start early in the morning, darkness will envelop our conscience for a long time. I condemn the seizure of power and the exercise of power by the leadership of the 5 Star Movement as an end in itself. Equal to other parties in every sense. Where, at least, there is a strong political contradiction. This group of ministers confirms to the Draghi government that it is not mine. ”

Brescia: “M5s support is conditional” – Location of Giuseppe Brescia, Chaired by the Commission Constitutional matters Of the room. “It will be conditional support – he writes – because the team is not a team and it is not convincing. They are the representative shares of each party that has expressed willpower Support Draghi. Support is conditional on the decision to stay in the background of the majority and not to drop to Avantine. We need a government that provides immediate and adequate responses to citizens and businesses for the health, social and economic crisis. Exact duty Movement It will ensure that every cent is invested in the public interest. It is essential to counteract the major gains made in recent years. No matter how remarkable some names may be, no matter how hard it is to absorb what happened without the responsibility of the real opportunists and traitors, we cannot escape our responsibility. ”

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