Dr. Kate Garvey, who endorsed ideas about mental health in children. Requests help from Hillary

Dr. Kate Garvey, who endorsed ideas about mental health in children.  Requests help from Hillary

Kate Garvey, of Good Morning Britain, said she was concerned about the mental health of her children Darcy, 14, and Billy, 11. I asked Hillary Jones for some advice for half an hour.

Kate said her father and Kate’s husband Derek Draper were recovering in hospital from a corona virus and that they knew he was in a strange place.

“Can I ask you a personal question to Hillary? By the end of the year, with everyone’s desire to do the right thing, I desperately want to do the right thing,” Kate began.

“Halfway through, we’re trying to work as a family on what I can do for the kids.”

Kate is worried about what to do in half the time

Susanna asked if Kate’s view of people violating lockdown rules had changed based on her own experience with the virus.

“Probably,” Kate said. “But I also deal with what everyone else deals with with restrictions.

“I do not condemn anyone, because it’s very difficult, managing someone’s finances, worrying about keeping your children’s mentally healthy.

Kate said she was concerned about her children, Darcy, and Billy’s mental health

“I’ve been to a very strange place. What they can probably do is get out of the house and have a little fun half the time.”

Kate added that it is a “pickle” for planning a trip when different areas are in different ranges and it can change any day.

Hillary replied: “I think people are looking for clarity and they want to know what is going on.

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“You may have all these ranges that you cannot easily suppress, but the virus can only pass between humans, from one human to another.

Kate wants to make her two children happy while fighting during this difficult time

“So the wise thing to do to protect yourself and your family as much as possible is to avoid people who regularly break the rules, those who do not wear masks and those who keep social distance.

“But there are a lot of places that encourage people to go support the economy, there are holiday camps that let you know when you call, that they have got the restrictions right and that everything is fine.

“But in reality it is not clear whether it will work or not.

“There are a lot of hospitality areas, social spacing and very strict restaurants, and that’s where you want to take the economy forward responsibly.

“Properly run bars, restaurants that serve food, have a quiet time, so not everyone gathers on the street and commutes.

“We want the crowd to protest, abuse the police and abuse officials when they get to hospitals.”

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