Dozens of protesters have been killed by the army in Myanmar

Dozens of protesters have been killed by the army in Myanmar

Dozens of protesters have protested against the military junta that took power in Myanmar on Saturday They were killed From the army. Some local media reported this: News site Myanmar now Talking about 91 deaths in 40 different cities, Including 24 in Yangon, The largest city in the country The Iravadi It tells of 59 deaths in 28 places. The U.S. embassy in Burma has confirmed that security forces are killing unarmed civilians.

Since The coup of February 1stThere have been large-scale demonstrations in Myanmar, with numerous clashes with police and the army, but not a single day with so many deaths. March 27 is the National Day of the Armed Forces. The army tried to dissuade the protesters by warning them on national television.

Despite this, the groups organizing the demonstrations had appealed to keep the daytime participation high. Protests are taking place not only in Yangon, but also in Mandalay, the second most populous city, and in Magway, Mogok, Kyukpadang and Myangkong.

There have been no official death tolls since the protests began, not by local authorities or international news agencies, but by the Association of Assistance for Political Prisoners, an activist group. The death toll from today’s victims is now more than 400.

In a speech aired publicly on TV Min Ang HalingThe army chief has again promised that new elections will take place, but has not said when.

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