Dozens of flights canceled as strike resumes at Ryanair

Dozens of flights canceled as strike resumes at Ryanair

Ryanair flight crews resumed their strike in Spain on June 24. This new round of mobilization has already resulted in around 10 flight cancellations and around 100 delays.

Resumption of strike at Ryanair had immediate effect. A dozen of the company’s flights to or from Spain were canceled on Monday and 111 were delayed. The day marked the beginning of a new cycle of aircrew strikes in the country that will last until January 2023.

According to the Union Syndicale Ouvier (USO), eight flights of the Irish low-cost airline were canceled as of 1 p.m. The strike was organized jointly with the Independent Union of Airline Crew (SITCPLA).

Better working conditions

“Unfortunately, there is an 80% minimum service (mandatory) mandated by the Ministry of Transport,” USO union spokesman Pau Iberzabal criticized, saying the measure was “abuse” and “undermines the right of employees to strike”.

The Irish company, which offers more than 650 routes with Spain, believes the work stoppages have had “minimal impact”, according to a press release published on Monday.

Ryanair workers in Spain began the strike on June 24 and extended it until July 28 to improve working conditions and sign a collective agreement.

A repudiated contract

The unions, believing the conflict to be at a standstill, have organized a third cycle of more extensive strikes from Monday, which are to continue from Monday to January 7, 2023 at the rate of four days a week (Monday to Monday). Thursday).

The only international company without a collective agreement in Spain, according to the unions, Ryanair recently reached an agreement with the union CCOO (Workers’ Commissions), a minority of flight crew.

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But the deal has been rejected by the USO and SITCPLA, which it considers inadequate and claims it should reinstate the 11 striking workers who were fired last month.

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