Dorneness and Tory Island, two romances by filmmaker Loic Jordain – Dorneness

Dorneness and Tory Island, two romances by filmmaker Loic Jordain - Dorneness

A native of Cസ്te d’Ivoire, he now resides in Ireland; However, on his return to Dornes, Loic seems to have Jordan at home. “I read in the papers that I came from here. Somewhere, it’s true, “said the 51-year-old filmmaker, who was sitting on the terrace of a bar in Place des Hall. More than 30 years ago, he made his directorial debut at the cinema option at Bris High School in Jean-Marie. “I was part of the promotion from 1988-1989. Four years here have been the best of my life. Although I went to film school in Paris, I studied everything there. By the time we left bachelor, I had done three short films and worked on fifteen films with friends. We did a lot of training and it was of a very high standard. It changed my life, ”the director recalls.

“I went there, I did not go”

This Tuesday evening, Le Club will present his final documentary, “The Tribe of the Gods,” which will be released in 2020, filmed on Tory Island, Ireland. Loic Jordan, a small island of 170 inhabitants, is located in the northwestern part of the country, just over an hour ‘s boat ride from the mainland, and has been in love with Loic Jordan for more than twenty years. “I arrived in Ireland via Saint-F‌lam and joined friends stranded on Tory Island. The next year, in 2000, I came back with the idea of ​​making a film about this community and its king, because the people there were wonderful, welcoming and incredible. I haven’t been there in five years. “

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“Politically Censored”

This land director was the inspiration for four documentaries. In the “Tribe of the Gods” depicted between 2017 and 2019, we find a population associated with its culture, language (Gaelic), and island way of life. Its king, Patsy Dan Rodgers, is united, and the community is divided over a project by the Irish government to replace the boat that connects the island to the mainland, which the inhabitants consider unreliable. With very little publicity in island-friendly Ireland, the subject remains less sensitive: “The version that aired in Ireland was politically and legally censored because the television channels that supported the film feared that the boat owners would oppose them,” Loic Jordan said.

“Constantly have to fight”

An opportunity for local audiences: This is the complete version presented for them during this Finister tour, which was organized in partnership. Dourneist Association Inc.. “The film was released on Saturday in Oscent. The documentary filmmaker underscores the fact that residents have to constantly struggle to achieve, survive and identify the smallest thing.


“The Tribe of the Gods”, a documentary by Loic Jordine and co-produced by Tita Productions. Duration: 90 minutes. This Tuesday, April 25 at 8:45 pm, and on Wednesday, April 26, at the Saint Island’s Guenolle Room at 8:30 pm, at the Le Club Cinema in Dornes.

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