Don’t always equate entertainment with money- Sundar Pichai

Don't always equate entertainment with money- Sundar Pichai

New York: Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that entertainment should not always be equated with money. Pichai’s response was in a special meeting with company employees. There were earlier indications that Google may be taking steps to reduce the number of employees and cut the increments given to employees as part of the cost reduction. Pichai’s response was to a question from the staff regarding this. There were reports that Google and its parent company, Alphabet, were facing setbacks and were experiencing lower growth and revenue.

Google had earlier instructed the employees to work more efficiently as the income decreased compared to the previous year. Pichai asked that people not only pay attention to the benefits provided in addition to the salary and pay attention to the work efficiently without worrying about reducing the benefits. There is a huge protest among the employees over cutting the benefits of the Google employees who have earned record income and reserves after the Covid.

But Pichai stated that we are going through a period of financial crisis more than the last decade and therefore as a company we have to face such a situation together. Pichai also said that even though the number of employees is high, the productivity is not increasing accordingly. Whether it is a team of 20 or a team of 100, Pichai added that the company’s only focus should be on growth and success. Pichai was indirectly referring to the company’s move to reduce headcount.

It is reported that the global economic crisis has seriously affected the world’s leading companies, including tech companies. The current situation is not the same as it was a few years ago to start new start-ups. Therefore, the position taken by Google on the issue of employees is also being considered by other companies.

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